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According to the IAFC, a person who has worked as a managing fire officer for 3-5 years, is certified at the NFPA fire officer 3 level, and has accomplished formal education equivalent to a bachelors degree is a ___

Administrative fire officer. (42)


What are the 4 basic tasks that administrative officers want new fire officers to do well?

Beginning of shift report, notifications, decision making, and problem solving. (42)


When should a beginning of shift report be reported to the BC?

Within the first 1/4 hour. (42)


How does an officer initially provide the chief with any "must know" information that will require immediate attention?

The beginning of shift report. (44)


Of the 4 basic tasks, which 2 are of equal importance?

Decision making and problem solving (3,4). (44)


What are the 4 times in a FF career when a major change occurs?

When he completes probation, when he starts working as a company commander, when he starts working as a fire chief, and when he retires. (45)


The company level officer is directly responsible for the ___, ___, ___ of a crew of FF?

Supervision, performance, and safety. (45)


In his book Effective Company Command, James O. Page divided the company officers duties into 3 roles:

Supervisor, commander, trainer. (46)


Who is known as the "father" of fire based EMS?

James O. Page. (46)


What is command presence?

The ability of an officer to project an image of being in control of the situation. (47)


What are some examples of co-located specialized units?

TRT rigs, Decon units, Foam pumpers, MCI units, and mobile command posts. AKA specialty assignments. (48)


What 3 recommendations does Page make to develop competencies within the company?

Develop a personal training library, know the neighborhood, use problem solving scenarios. (48)


What should be the first stop when preparing to present a class that covers a certain topic?

the personal library 3-ring binder. (48)


What 3 activities are necessary for a fire office to work effectively with a supervisor?

Keep your supervisor informed, make appropriate decisions at your level of responsibility, consult with your supervisor before making major disciplinary actions or policy changes. (49)


Where should problems be addressed situations resolved?

Where and when they occur. (50)


At what level are most issues between shifts resolved?

Supervising fire officer level. (50)


What is the complex system of inherent attributes that determine a persons moral and ethical actions and reactions, including the quality of being honest?

Integrity. (50)


According to NFPA 1021, what 3 things make up ethical conduct?

Being honest, doing what's right, and performing to the best of one's ability. (52)


In reference to Equal employment opportunity, what covers state and local governments, schools, colleges, and unions?

Title VII of the Civil rights Act of 1964. (52)


What amended the civil rights act of 1964 to expand its coverage to include all public and private employers with 15 or more employees?

The equal employment opportunity act of 1972. (52)


What act provides additional compensatory and punitive damages in cases of intentional discrimination under title VII and the americans with disabilities act of 1990?

The civil rights act of 1991. (52)


What is diversity?

The workforce should reflect the community it serves. (52)


About how many lawsuits does the EEOC file every year?

About 400. (53)


What are actionable items?

Employee behaviors that require immediate corrective action by the supervisor. (53)


When did he EEOC amend the guidelines on sexual harassment?

1993. (53)


Verbal and physical conduct of a sexual nature is harassment when the following 4 conditions are present:

The employee is made to feel that she must endure the treatment to remain employed, whether the employee submits or rejects the treatment is used when making employment decisions, the employees work performance is affected, an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment is present. (53)


What are the 3 methods to initiate a harassment complaint?

Federal government, local government, or the fire department. It is their choice. (54)


What is the most common reason a local government is found liable of a harassment complaint?

Failure to investigate the complaint. (54)


Who determines whether the situation is hostile or harassment?

The complainant. (54)


What is the second most common way local governments lose harassment or hostile work place complaints?

Blaming the person bringing the complaint to you. (54)


What is it called when someone from a previous shift must remain because someone failed to report to work?

Involuntary holdover. (44)


Which of the 4 basic fire officers tasks notifies the BC of the location and condition off all apparatus and rolling stock?

The beginning of shift report. (44)


Which of the fire officers tasks do many chiefs call the no surprises rule?

Notifications. (44)


When solving a problem, the most valuable proposals consider__?

The larger picture of how a possible solution would impact the rest of the department. (44)


The fire department considers a fire officer to be the fire chiefs___ at the work location?

Representative. (45)


Wearing the fire officer badge enhances the ___of any action or response?

Effect and consequences. (46)


When faced with an unpopular order the fire officer should?

Express any concerns and objections with his supervisor in private. (46)


When meeting with a supervisor in private to discuss an unpopular order, the fire officer can suggest?

Modifying or revising the order. (46)


What are the consequences of telling ff's that their officer does not agree with an order?

It undermines the officers authority and supervisory ability. (46)


What is one of the higher profile roles of a fire officer?

Functioning as the initial incident commander on a major emergency. (47)


The officer needs to be ___, ___, and ___ in the initial radio transmission?

Clear, calm, and concise. (47)


The fire officer must ensure the ff are ____ and ___ in their skills?

Confident and competent. (47)


What information should be entered into the fire officers personal journal when recording incidents?

What was encountered, what they learned, and how they would handle it next time. (48)


What valuable tool reinforces the preincident plan or diagram?

Walk-throughs. (49)


What is especially valuable for apartment complexes, business parks and retail areas because it can be used to locate access routes, plan the placement of 1st alarm apparatus, and identify exposure problems?

The aerial or overhead view. (49)


When did many commercial and office buildings revise their emergency plans, upgrade security, and introduce access restrictions?

After September 11, 2001. (49)


What is an excellent way for adults to learn concepts, regulations, and decision making skills?

Present fact based situations for using problem solving skills. (49)


What is required before disciplinary actions are taken?

Consultation with a supervisor. (50)


What is a combination of a fire officers internal value systems and the fire departments official organizational value system?

A moral code. (50)


What could the fire department publish their expectations as?

A code of ethics, a code of conduct, or a list of value statements. (50)


The fire officer demonstrating ____ makes decisions and models behavior consistent with the departments core values, mission statement, and value statements?

Ethical behavior. (50)


The more you don't get up and train, ___

The more the crew doesn't want to get up and train. (51)


The fire officer should act as if _____ when out of the fire station?

someone is always documenting his actions. (52)


Who enforces the federal laws that establish the civil rights of Americans?

The equal employment opportunity commission. (EEOC) (52)


Which law states that it is illegal for an employer to: fail or refuse to hire or discharge on individual based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin, or limit, segregate, or classify employees based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin?

Title VII of the civil rights act of 1964. (52)


What was the effect of the changes introduced in the 1991 civil rights act?

It increased the number of discrimination lawsuits filed against organizations. (52)


A department that has agreed to an EEOC consent decree has promised the court___?

that it will work to hire qualified individuals who reflect the community. (52)


A consent decree can require?

community outreach, job fairs, pre-employment preparation, and peer group coaching. (52)


Which supreme court ruling struck down a decision to throw out a promotional test the city felt promoted too few minorities?

Ricci vs. DeStefano 2009. (52)


In terms of how a supervisor should behave in the workplace,Gravely recommends a fire officer should focus on__?

Actionable items and hostile workplace. (53)


What is the best example of actionable items?

The use of certain words in the workplace. (53)


When handling actionable items immediately, the fire office should speak with the offending ff___? (where)

In private. (53)


When counseling a ff about EEO or AA the officer should maintain a ______ record of the counseling session? (formal or informal)

Formal OR informal. (53)


During counseling, if there is any doubt the message was understood, the officer should ?

Ensure that a higher-level supervisor is informed of the action that has been taken. (53)


An officers failure to act to an actionable item has been interpreted as?

official condoning or encouraging of such behavior. (53)


The standard for evaluating sexual harassment is what a "reasonable person" in that same or similar circumstance would find ___, ___, ___?

Intimidating, hostile, or abusive. (53)


Employers are liable for the acts of those who work for them if they knew or should have known about the conduct and took no ___, ___, ___ action?

Immediate, appropriate, corrective. (53)


_____ is unwanted, uninvited, and unwelcome attention and intimacy in a nonreciprocal relationship.

Sexual harassment. (53)


What can be used to describe a broad range of situations in which an employee is subject to discrimination in the workplace?

Hostile work environment. (53)


What type of complaints must be investigated and documented?

Every complaint. (54)


It is ____ to punish someone for complaining about discrimination or harassment, such as changing the shift hours or work location of the accuser, even if the intent is to remove the victim from the problem?

against the law. (54)


An investigation of a harassment or hostile workplace complaint typically starts with who?

The person who made the complaint. (54)


If a FF files a complaint with an outside government agency, that agency may investigate. While providing your side of the story you should be___?

Cautious but cooperative. (54)


If it is determined that a complaint has merit, what is required?

The fire chief is required to take corrective action. (54)


If some type of harassment has occurred, formal corrective action could include...?

Mandatory training, work location transfer, or demotion. (54)


Termination may be proposed for what type of discrimination or harassment?

Threats, stalking, or repeated and unwanted physical contact. (54)