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What is leniency/severity?

Rating all FF either higher or lower than their actual performance. (146)


What is personal bias?

An evaluation slanted by race, religion, gender, or age. The evaluators perspective skews the evaluation. (146)


What is recency?

An evaluation based on the events of the past few weeks instead of the whole year. (146)


What is central tendency?

When a FF is rated in the middle range for all dimensions of work. (147)


What is frame of reference?

An evaluation based on the officers personal ideals instead of the actual job standards. (147)


What is halo/horn effect?

Concentrating on only one aspect of the FF performance and applying it across the board. (147)


What is contrast effect?

Comparing the performance of one FF to another. (147)


When is performance feedback most effective?

When delivered as soon as possible after the action or incident. (147)


What is the moral, mental, or physical state in which all ranks respond to the will of the leader?

Discipline. (148)


What is reinforced by recognizing improved performance and rewarding excellent performance?

Positive discipline. (148)


Which is a stronger force, positive or negative discipline?

Negative. (151)


What is the first level of negative discipline?

Oral reprimand. (151)


What represents an official negative action at the lowest level of progressive discipline?

Formal written reprimand. (152)


What is a Loudermill hearing?

A formal disciplinary hearing before a suspension (or other discipline) is issued. (153)


What is progressive negative discipline?

Moves from mild to more sever punishments if the problem is not corrected. (151)


What are the steps of negative discipline?

Oral reprimand, informal written reprimand, formal written reprimand, suspension, termination. (151-153)


The fire officer should conduct regular evaluations to provide feedback on? (3)

Job performance, on duty behavior, and problem resolution. (142)


What is intended to help the employee recognize problems and make corrections to improve performance or behavior?

Positive discipline. (142)


What is intended as punishment for unsatisfactory performance, unacceptable behavior, or failure to respond appropriately to positive discipline?

Negative discipline. (142)


What influences the starting point of the discipline process?

The nature and the seriousness of the problem and the employees efforts to correct reoccurring problems. (142)


The structured proby program evaluation typically asses the proby FF progress in 4 areas?

FF skills competency, progress in learning job specific information not covered in basic training, progress in learning the fire company district, and performance of other job tasks. (143)


The annual evaluation process requires 4 steps?

1) the supervisor fills out a standardized evaluation form 2) the subordinate is allowed to review and comment on the officers evaluation 3)a face to face feedback interview between the supervisor and the subordinate to discuss the evaluation 4) establish goals for the subordinate to accomplish during the next evaluation period. (144)


What is required before the evaluation is issue to the subordinate?

The supervisors manager is required to review the evaluation. (144)


What is the goal of the feedback interview of the annual evaluation?

Both the supervisor and the subordinate understand the results of the evaluation. (145)


What is a performance log?

A list of the FF activities by date, along with a brief description of performance observations. (145)


Using a performance log the fire officer can answer what 3 questions of each FF work history throughout the evaluation period?

When, what, and how. (145)


How long before the annual evaluation is due must a formal notification be made that an employee is likely to be evaluated below the level necessary to obtain a pay raise?

Usually 10 weeks. (146)


The FF should conduct a self evaluation how long before the official annual evaluation is due?

Approximately 6 weeks. (146)


Which evaluation error reduces conflict?

Leniency. (146)


What is provided by identifying weaknesses, setting goals and objectives to improve performance, and providing the capability to met those targets?

Positive discipline. (148)


What is the starting point for positive discipline?!!!!

To establish a set of expectations for behavior and performance. (148)


How do FF gauge an officers level of commitment?

By observing the characteristics of self discipline. (148)


What can be used as a stimulant in positive discipline?

Competitiveness. (148)


What is one of the most effective strategies of positive discipline?

Empowerment. (149)


What starts the paper trail of a progressive disciplinary process?

A formal written reprimand. (152)


What usually results from a willful violation of a policy or procedure or another specific act of misconduct?

A disciplinary suspension. (153)


How long do suspensions usually run from?

Usually 1-30 days. (153)


What is necessary for an EAP to be successful?

The fire officer must be able to recognize stress in an employee. (155)


What have been successful in lowering employee turnover, reducing absenteeism, tardiness, accidents, and injuries?

Fire department EAPs. (155)


When empowering FF to do work on their own, it is important for the fire officer to?

Identify the target and provide the resources. (149)


What are the 2 informational components that should be provided to help FF learn more about the job to support the empowerment process?

Local government 101- helps FF learn more about how the FD and local government work. Success 102- identify the tools that others have used to achieve success within the FD. (149)


What is an evaluation error that occurs when the evaluators perspective skews the evaluation such that the classified job knowledge, skills, and abilities are not appropriately evaluated?

Personal bias. (146)


An evaluation error in which the FF is evaluated on the basis of the fire officer's personal standards instead of the classified job description standards?

Frame of reference. (147)


What is a pre disciplinary conference that occurs before suspension, demotion, or involuntary termination is issued? The term references a supreme court decision.

Lauderhill hearing. (153)


A disciplinary action in which a FF is transferred or assigned to a less desirable or different work location or assignment?

Involuntary transfer of detail. (153)


What is an initial check to determine if there are reasonable grounds to believe that the charges against the employee are true and support the proposed termination?

Pretermination hearing. (154)


What is a written document that is part of a special evaluation period that identifies deficiencies and lists the improvement s in performance or changes in behavior required to obtain a satisfactory evaluation?

Work improvement plan. (146)


What is aimed at discouraging unacceptable behavior and poor performance?

Negative discipline. (151)


What should be the fire officers focus during the employee assistance process?

The FF job performance. (155)


What is a temporary work assignment during an administrative investigation that isolates the FF from the public and usually is an administrative assignment away from the fire station?

Restrictive duty. (153)