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What is the Sunrise mission statement?

Anticipate and meet the needs of the community while providing the highest level of fire-rescue services. (100.00)


How much advance notice must the union president give the fire chief for requested time off?

At least 72 hours. (CBA 5.1)


What is the wind speed for a category 2 hurricane?

Winds 96-110 MPH. (1000.03)


How many hours bereavement leave do you get for an in-state/out-of-state funeral?

Shift-1 shift in state, 2 shifts out of state.
Non-shift-3 days in state, 5 days out of state. (CBA 16.1)


Any arrest on or off duty or any traffic citation that may result in suspension or loss of driving privileges must be reported to the fire chief within how long?

Within 24 hours. (300.05)


What is the uniform for details?

Class B. (706.00)


How many radio channels will be shared with Sunrise PD?

There will be 3 shared channels with SPD. (800.06)


What is coaching?

A method of directing, instructing, and training a person or group of people with the aim to achieve some goal or develop specific skills. (p. 122)


How much is incentive pay and what is the maximum amount?

Each qualifying certificate shall be $250 with a maximum of $750. (CBA 17.7)


When a grievance involves discipline in the form of suspension, demotion, or termination, or is general in nature in the it applies to a number of employees, ?

It shall be presented directly at step 2 of the grievance procedure. (CBA 7.2)


When a grievance goes to an arbitrator, how long does he have to render his report?

He has 30 days. (CBA 7.2)


Who is supposed to present the division chief with a step 1 grievance?

The aggrieved employee. (CBA 7.2)


What is the last tie breaker for all matters governing seniority?

Employees last name. (CBA 9.3)


Any employee who abuses the time exchange article can result in what discipline?

Loss of the right of time exchanges for up to 1 year. (CBA 10.7)


Leaves without pay will not exceed?

Not 60 days, may be renewed another 30 days if requested and approved in writing by the Personnel Director. (CBA 11.1)


Employees are eligible for workers' compensation for up to how long?

Up to 1 year, at the end it may be extended 12 months. (CBA 13.1)


What type of military leave are employees entitled to?

Reserve training up to 240 hrs/year.
Active duty peace time-0, re-employment within 90 days of release.
Active duty war time-pay for the number of working days within the first 30 days. (CBA 47.1)


Overtime is offered in how long blocks?

Offered in 12 hour blocks. (CBA 19.4)


How long is probation?

Probation- 110 shifts. (CBA 30.2)


How often does the safety committee meet?

No less than quarterly. (CBA 32.2)


If someone has jury duty the following morning?

Shall be sent home from work at 8 PM. (CBA 33.2)


When can you wear jumpsuits (Class D uniform)?

Between 2000-0800 while responding to calls and during training. Uniformity must be maintained. (300.04)


How long is FMLA?

Up to 12 weeks. (CBA 43.1)


Who is eligible to refuse care?

They must be competent and an adult or an emancipated minor. (self-sufficient, married, or in the military.) Or a legal representative for the patient. (Pro 1.8)


What is the mission of the 3rd arriving engine on a high rise?

Prepare to serve as RIT. (701.05)


What is the mission of the first arriving engine on a fire at the mall?

Determine the extent of the emergency and initiate actions to mitigate it. (703.01)


What do administrative fire officers identify as 4 basic tasks that they consider vital for their fire captains?

Beginning of shift report, notifications, decision making, problem solving. (43)


What is a Loudermill Hearing?

A predisciplinary conference that occurs before a suspension, demotion, or involuntary termination is issued. This refers to a supreme court decision. (153)


What is scientific management?

Based on the breaking down of work tasks into constituent elements, the timing of each based on repeated stopwatch studies. (63)


What are physiological needs?

The 1st step of Maslows hierarchy of needs. The most basic human needs such as food, water, air, shelter. (65)


What is performance management?

The process of setting performance standards and evaluating performance against those standards. (70)


What is democratic leadership?

A consultative approach that uses the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the group in determining how to meet an objective or complete a task. (163)


What is theory X?

The belief that people do not like to work so they must be closely watched and controlled. (64)


What is haloing?

Concentrating on one aspect of an employees performance (good or bad) and applying that perception across the board to all aspects of performance. (147)


How is a violation of the grooming policy dealt with?

It shall be documented to file. Shift-72 hrs to comply. Days-8 hrs. (300.03)


For bid purposes, how many personnel at station 92 must be assigned members of the Spec Ops team?

For bid purposes, 5 personnel. For daily staffing, minimum 4 Spec Ops team members and 2 divers. (300.06)


When will the 1 shift advance notice not be required for time exchanges?

Partial shift exchanges less than 12 hours, unless it is to start at the beginning of the shift. (CBA 10.2)


What are the rules for grocery shopping/ (4)

Once per shift, in zone (out with BC approval), 1 member to remain with vehicle, not to exceed 30 mins, vehicle will remain in service and out of fire lanes. (300.05)


You must call out the state fire marshal on the following circumstances? (5)

Projected $1,000,000 loss
Civilian death or likely to result
FF death or likely to result
Cause not determined by initial investigation
Suspected failure of suppression or detection system. (800.04)


A FF in rehab with a CO reading of 8-15 must?

Breath ambient air for 5 min. If still above 8 given O2 until less than 5. If ever above 25% immediately transported to hosp. (Pro 1.5)


What does the treatment officer do?

Coordinate re-triage, tagging and onsite medical care. Directs movement to loading areas. (Pro 1.9)


What must the first arriving unit at an MCI do?

Must establish command, determine MCI level, assign triage, treatment, transport and staging, ensure security. (Pro 1.9)


On an MCI who does medical communications (med-com) report to?

Medical communications coordinator, who reports to transport officer. (Pro 1.9)


What are the 3 steps to determine the cause of a fire?

Determine the source of ignition, determine the fuel, determine the circumstances or human actions that allowed them to come together. (335)