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What is the contract effective dates?

October 1, 2010-Spetember 30, 2013


Who is included/excluded in the contract? (6),(5)

Included: Firefighter 1, Inspector, Driver, Lieutenant, Captain, Probationary employees.
Excluded: Fire chief, Deputy chief, Division chief, Battalion chief, all other employees of the city of Sunrise. (1.3)


How many bulletin boards are there per station?
What purpose can they be used for?

1 per station + PSB + B39=7
Notice of union meetings, union elections, reports of union committees, rulings and policies of the union, recreation and social affairs of the union, notices by public bodies. (2)


How much union time does the DVP get?
How does he use it?

DVP or his designee gets 192 hours/fiscal year.
Written request submitted to the fire chief or designee by the DVP at least 72 hours in advance. Must be proficient staffing and provide no overtime costs. (5.1)


What is a grievance defined as?

A difference, dispute, or complaint between the city and the union as to the application or interpretation of this Agreement. (7.1)


Grievance steps/ timelines

1) present to the division chief within 5 days, respond within 5 days(if not resolved document on union grievance form within 5 days to proceed) E board will decide within 30 days whether to proceed.
2) present to fire chief within 5 days, respond within 5 days
3) present to personnel director within 5 days, meet within 5 days, (city manager may designate someone else within 7 days)
4) present to arbitrator within 10 days, answer within 30 days (7.2)


When shall a grievance go straight to step 2?

Involves discipline in form of suspension, demotion or termination or it is general in nature and applies to multiple employees having the same problem. Same time limits. (7.2)


What must the grievance specify? (4)

1) date of the alleged grievance
2) specific articles of the grievance that were violated
3) basic facts pertaining to the grievance
4) relief requested (7.2)


What are the grievance fees and who pays them?

The arbitrator will be equally divided. Court reporter will be paid by the party making the request, if both parties request then it is equally shared. Each will pay for their own witnesses, representatives, attorneys and all other costs. No off duty employee will be paid. (7.3)


How far retro can a grievance go?

Any grievance settled prior to arbitration is limited to 10 working days prior to the date the grievance was put in writing. A settlement shall not admit violation nor constitute precedence. A resolution by an arbitrator shall be retro as determined by the arbitrator. (7.6)


When are union dues deducted/delivered?
How many days for union dues to be revoked?

Dues are deducted weekly and delivered monthly to the union treasurer. They can be revoked with 30 days written notice to the city and union. (8.1)


How long to implement a change in union dues?

No more than 30 days. (8.6)


What matters will seniority govern?

Vacations, Kelly days. Not working assignments by shift. (9.2)


Kelly days are bid when? Effective when? Remain in effect for?

Bid in October. Effective first full pay period after Jan 1. Effective for 1 year. (9.2)


Tie breakers for seniority PRE April 1, 2002?(6)

Time in rank, time in next lowest rank, date of employment, promotional test score, date of employment application, alphabetical by last name. (9.3)


Tie breakers for seniority POST April 1, 2002? (6)

Time in rank, promotional test score, time in next lowest rank, date of employment, date of employment application, alphabetical by last name. (9.3)


Tie breakers for new employees?

Hiring exam score, date of employment application, alphabetical by last name. (9.3)


Time exchange minimums?

Generally 24 hours, minimum of 2 hours. (10.2)


How much advance notice for time exchanges?

One shift advance notice. Exception if less than 12 hours unless it is to start at the beginning of the shift. (10.2)


If any costs from a time exchange are incurred, where will expenses be deducted from? Exceptions?

Employees annual leave account. Except if due to illness or injury.(10.9)


Leave without pay will not exceed ___? It is only granted when?

60 days. If granted by personnel director it may be extended by 30 days. Only granted after exhausting annual leave, floating holidays, and in cases of sickness sick time. (11.1)


Time without pay for a period of ___ does not need approval of the personnel director?

1 pay period. (11.6)


Unpaid leave of absence of ____ days or more per calendar year will adjust employees anniversary date?

30 days. (11.7)


How much sick leave do we accrue? (shift/non-shift)

Shift- 2.77 hours/ week
Non-shift- 1.84 hours/week (12.1)


If you leave work early, sick leave is rounded to the nearest ___ hour?

1/4 hour. (12.2)


Dates and %'s for sick leave payout for retirement and resignation. If employee dies, is fired?

Hired on or before October 1, 1985 100%. Hired after October 1, 1985 50% upon retirement 25% upon resignation. Upon death, 100% within 30 days, if fired, all accrued leave is forfeited. Paid at base rate of pay without any incentives. (12.4)


For 24 hour personnel, for medical treatment scheduled on duty ___?

Be approved in advance by the fire chief and rounded to the nearest 1/4 hr. (12.5)


Must call in sick prior to ___? What phone #?

0700, 954-746-3510. (12.7)


Employees who do not use sick leave from ___-___ will have ____ hours added by ___? (shift/non-shift)

October 1-March 31 and April 1-September 30. Shift 12 hours, non-shift 8 hours. By the end of the second full pay period after March 31 and September 30. (12.8)


Light duty will be considered on the following basis? (5)

1) Suitable work must be available. 2) Approval by the risk manager and city manager. 3) Must be able to work on a full time basis. 4) Physician must provide assurance that will not extend beyond 30 days. Extension beyond 30 days must have city manager approval. 5)Requests not approved within 5 days will be considered denied. (12.9)


If an employee provided notice of resignation (excluding DROP) and uses sick leave without providing a Dr.'s note ___?

Time will be charged to annual leave or non-paid status. (12.10)


When an employee covered by this contract suffers a workers comp injury or illness, the city will pay the employee his regular rate of pay until ___? (4)

1) Employee returns on light duty. 2) Employee is able to return to regular duty. 3) Employee is awarded a disability pension. 4) 1 year has passed since the first date of lost time. If at the end of the year the employee has not returned but will be able to return in the coming year then benefits shall continue. This shall not apply to recreational activity except when engaged in proper use of city owned exercise equipment in city owned building. (13.1)


Effective___ date, Rick Pelegrino rule?

February 22, 2005. (13.6)


Life insurance minimum benefits and qualifications?

$50,000- ff engaged in duties accidentally killed, not suicide or self inflicted. $100,000- ff responding to what is reasonably believed to be an emergency involving protection of life or property. $150,000-unlawfully and intentionally killed caused by an act of arson. (14.2)


Overtime hours earned after ___ shall have a maximum of ___ hours for final average compensation?

January 1, 2011- 300 (15.3)


Pension COLA?

2.5% to commence at the end of the 7th year ( including DROP). (15.5)


Second tier normal retirement age and contribution?

52 with 25 years or 55 with 10 years. May elect early retirement at 50 with 10 years with a 3% reduction for each year under 55. 9% contribution. (15.7)


Bereavement leave for shift/non-shift in state and out of state?

Shift- 1 day in state 2 days out. Non-shift 3 days in state 5 days out. (16.1)


Who is considered family for bereavement leave?

Spouse, father, mother, step-parents, father-in-law, mother-in-law, son, daughter, step-children, brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, grandfather, grandmother, grandfather-in-law, grandmother-in-law, grandchildren, or any relative living with employee. (16.2)


What documentation is necessary for bereavement leave?

Copy of death certificate, obituary from newspaper with employees name and described as immediate family. Must be original newspaper with name and date, or a similar document. (16.2)


What is educational pay for fire officer or certificate?

Fire science certificate or fire officer 1- $35/pay period. (17.6)


When do we get certificate pay? When must it be submitted by? Which certificates (11)? Who can't get paid for what?

First paycheck in December, must be submitted by November 1. Haz-mat, dive, TRT (rope, trench, collapse, confined space, VMR), BLS instructor, ACLS instructor, PALS instructor, LFTI, fire service instructor, inspector, plans examiner, arson inspector. Special Ops no haz-mat, TRT, dive. FLS no inspector, plans examiner. Training no instructors or LFTI. (17.7)


Fire chief must give ___ notice to change normal duty hours?

30 days. (18.2)


For non-shift employees in regards to overtime, what type of time (pay-status) is/is not considered time worked?

Is- Actual time worked, bereavement leave, holiday time.
Is Not- sick leave, annual leave, paid lunch. (19.2)


Comp time can be taken in ___ hour increments? (shift/non-shift)

Shift 24. Non-shift 1. (19.3)


How is overtime offered?

12 hour blocks. When needed on a 24 hour shift, 2 employees may fill the shift. (19.4)


An employee will get both his merit increase and promotion pay increase if the anniversary date falls within ___ days of the promotion?

60 days. (20.6)


Employees assigned to work a permanent non-shift position shall be compensated with ___%?

7.5% (20.7)


Assignment pay of $___ shall be paid to members assign to the ___? (3, not special ops)

$7.50 per week, SWAT, Dive, Honor guard. (20.10)


When are holiday checks paid and for how many holidays? How many total hours paid?

1st pay period after May 15 and November 15. 12 total holidays, 6/ check. 72 hours paid each check, 12 hours / holiday. (21.1)


If any employee would prefer annual leave for a holiday check, when and to whom must request be submitted?

By April 15 and October 15 to the finance department. (21.2)


Do non-shift employees got holiday checks? What do they get instead and with what stipulations?

No instead they get 3 floating holidays. They must be taken when convenient for the employee and supervisor. Fire chief may require 2 weeks notice. Must be taken yearly, can not accumulate. (21.3)


What are the designated holidays? (9)

New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, veterans Day, Thanksgiving, day after Thanksgiving, Christmas. (21.4)


When a holiday falls on a weekend non-shift employees shall be off ___?

The Monday following the weekend or the last working day prior to the holiday. (21.5)


When a non-shift employee is required to work on a designated holiday, ___?

He shall receive 8 hours annual leave. (21.5)


The lay-off and recall policy only applies for how long?

2 years. (22.4)


What are the minimum hours for call back for shift/ non-shift employees? When does it not apply?

Shift- 4 hours. Non-shift- 3 hours. Does not apply when already at the station, or 7 days notice. (25.1)


There is also no call back minimum with ___ days notice?

7. (25.3)


If an inspector does an inspection at least ___ prior to or after normal shift, he shall get overtime but only for actual time worked?

30 minutes. (25.4)


When working out of class for at least ___ the employee will receive the starting pay for that rank but never less than ___?

2 hours, 5%.(26.1)


Annual leave time table for shift employees?

1-60 months- 120 hours annually. 5 days
60-120 months- 168 hours annually. 7 days
120-180 months-216 hours annually. 9 days
180 months or more-264 hours annually. 11 days (27.2)


Annual leave time tables for non shift employees?

1-60 months-96 hours annually. 12 days
60-120 months-136 hours annually. 17 days
120-180 months-176 hours annually. 22 days
180 months or more-216 hours annually. 27 days (27.2)


Annual leave in excess of ___ will be forfeited at the end of the fiscal year?

Shift- 288 hours 12 days.
Non-shift- 240 hours 30 days (27.4)


Requests for change to vacations must be submitted ___ prior to the original scheduled vacation day? And to who?

3 days. To the fire chief. (27.5)


Emergency leave will be rounded to the nearest ___ to care for an employees ___?

1/4 hour. Spouse, child, or parent who lives with the employee. (27.6)


Educational leave must be requested in blocks of ___?

4 hour increments. (27.7)


Employees can sell back __ hours (shift/non-shift) as long as their bank doesn't fall below___. Written request must be submitted by ___ date and will be paid___?

Shift 72, 96 pay period before September 15
Non-shift 60, 80
September 1, First pay period after September 15. (27.10)


Uniform allowance?

$200 first check in December. (28.4)


Reimbursement for glasses/watch? How much and how soon?

$150, $50. Must be submitted within 30 days. (28.5)


No proby shall be evaluated more than ___?

4 times a year. (every 3 months). (30.5)


Safety, labor management, and wellness committees. How many members and how often are meetings?

Each committee has 6 members. 3 from the union and 3 from the city (3 from labor, 3 from management). All shall not meet less than quarterly. (23.2, 23.3)(35.1)


Do you come back after jury duty? What if you have jury duty the morning following shift?

yes, unless you also have jury duty the next morning. If you have jury duty the day after shift, go home at 2000 hrs. (33.3)


Minimum overtime for a court appearance or deposition? When must you notify the department?

3 hours. Must notify within 72 hours of being notified. (34.1)


When are longevity steps and how much?

At the completion of 10, 15, and 20 years. 2.5% (37.1)


The city has the right to drug test ___ employees per year?

50%. (38.3)


Date ranges for safety day? How many hours shift/non-shift?

October 1-September 30. Shift 8 hours annual leave, non-shift 3 hours. (39.1)


How much notice is necessary to reopen the contract?

30 days. (40.1)


Savings clause states if any articles are declared invalid by a court both parties must meet within?

15 calendar days. (41.1)


To be eligible for FMLA employees must have worked for the city for at least__?

1 year and 1250 hours in the past 12 months. (43.1)


FMLA for birth of a child?

12 weeks, personnel director may extend up to 1 year. (43.2)


Disability caused by childbirth/pregnancy may be charged against ___ leave?

Sick. (43.2)


If donating annual leave the donating member must keep at least ___ time?

1 weeks time. (43.3)


FMLA for adoption?

If not eligible the personnel director may grant 40 hours unpaid leave. If both parents work for the city then both CAN get 40 hours. (43.4)


FMLA caring for a spouse, child, or parent may use ___ sick hours? (shift, non-shift)

Shift 96 hours. Non-shift 80 hours. (43.5)


What is the minimum personnel appointed to the Special Response Team?

Minimum of 30. (45.3)


When are promotional exams give? What is the required notice?

Driver/ Captain April of even years. Lieutenant April of odd years. 120 days notice. (46.1, 46.2)


When may a test be considered depleted

Less than 5 names on the list. (46.3)


If a list is depleted ___ months before its original expiration date a replacement test will be given and will last ___?

Within 6 moths of original expiration date, will last throughout next 2 years. More than 6 months before original expiration date, remainder of the 2 year cycle. (46.4)


In the event that a candidate can not participate in a promotional exam due to an emergency, with approval form the fire chief, he can retest within___?

3 days. (46.5)


An employee in the National Guard will be granted military leave not to exceed___?

240 hours a year. (47.1)


Employees who enter the armed forces during peace time are entitled to ___ hours military leave. They are entitled to reemployment within___ of release?

0 hours leave. 90 days. (47.2)


Any member of the Reserve who enters into active duty when the President is authorized to order units to active duty shall be eligible for military benefits for ____ days of leave with pay

30 days (47.3)


An employee who enters the armed forces during a period of war shall receive pay for working days in the first ___ days of such leave?

30 days (47.4)


Tuition refund application must be submitted no later than? Grades must be submitted within ____ days of receipt?

3 weeks after 1st class meeting. 90 days. (App. A)


It takes approx. ___ days from personnel departments receipt of grades before a check is prepared?

3 weeks. (App. A)


The maximum amount of credit hours per semester is?

6. (App. A)


What is educational pay for associates degree?

Associates $50/ period + $11.54/ week (17.6)


What is educational pay for bachelors degree?

Bachelors $100/ period + $25.38/ week (17.6)


What is under the influence defined as?

Those amounts of drugs, alcohol, or controlled substances which are specified in this article. (38.2)


The city shall apply the ____ in ordering testing for drugs?

Reasonable suspicion standard. (38.3)


Testing for drugs or illegal substances shall be done through ___?Testing for alcohol will be done through__?

Blood and/or urine. Blood or intoxalyzer. (38.4)


Urine samples shall be collected under supervision of medical lab personnel in the following manner? (4)

Unwitnessed unless reason to believe person will alter specimen 2) employees may inspect the container and request a substitute 3) employees may observe labeling, sealing, and packaging 4) lab shall maintain a record of chain of custody. (38.4)


If urine is tested as positive, what shall happen? (2)

It will be subject to gas chromotography/mass spectrophotometry (GC/MS). If the GC/MS is positive the employee may request independent analysis which he must pay for. (38.4)


Employees must document their legal drug use and/or substance use within ___ of initial drug test screening?

Within 24 hours. (38.5)


For drug use the city may ____ or choose to ___ based on a case-by-case basis?

Discipline an employee or rehabilitate the employee. (38.8)


In determining whether to discipline or rehab an employee, if the union feels the city acted arbitrarily or capriciously, may the union grieve this?

Yes. (38.8)


The city is only obligated to rehab an employee __ times with future relapses being dealt with by?

One. Immediate termination. (38.8)


All employees hired on or after ___ are prohibited from on OR off duty tobacco use.

February 22, 2005. (38.10)


A positive test for alcohol will be at or above?

At or above 0.04g% (38.5)


An initial screening for steroids will be at ___ with confirmation screening being at ___?

Initial 10 ng/ml confirmation 1 ng/ml. (38.6)


What is the screening and confirmation for amphetamines?

Screen 1,000 ng/ml confirm 500 ng/ml


What is the screening and confirmation for barbiturates?

Screen 300 ng/ml confirm 150 ng/ml


What is the screening and confirmation for bento's?

Screen 300 ng/ml confirm 150 ng/ml


What is the screening and confirmation for cocaine?

Screen 300 ng/ml confirm 150 ng/ml


What is the screening and confirmation for cannabinoids?

Screen 50 ng/ml confirm 15 ng/ml


What is the screening and confirmation for methaqualone?

Screen 300 ng/ml confirm 150 ng/ml


What is the screening and confirmation for opiates?

Screen 2,000 ng/ml confirm 2,000 ng/ml


What is the screening and confirmation for phencyclidine?

Screen 25 ng/ml, confirm 25 ng/ml


What is the screening and confirmation for propoxyphene?

Screen 300 ng/ml confirm 150 ng/ml


What is the screening and confirmation for methadone?

Screen 300 ng/ml confirm 150 ng/ml


An employee on lay off status does not accrue seniority, but does retain his accumulated seniority for ____ years, or until recall, whichever occurs first.

For 2 years. (22.5)


In the event an employee is called back to work after the completion of his regular shift, he will receive a minimum of __ hours call back pay at 1 1/2 times his regular rate of pay? (shift/non-shift)

Shift-4 non shift-3. (25.1)


Safety day for shift/non-shift employees?

Shift-8, non shift-3. (39.1)