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How are kelly days for battalion chiefs bid/decided?

They are assigned at the discretion of the fire chief. (300.02)


What is the minimum and maximum personnel assigned to a kelly day?

Minimum of 5, Maximum of 6. 1 of each must be a Capt, Lt, and D/O. (300.02)


What is the maximum personnel off in the rank of Capt, Lt, and D/O combined per kelly day?

Max of 4 personnel. (300.02)


What is the maximum Rescue Lt's assigned per Kelly day?

Max 1. If more than 7 Rescue Lt's per shift then they shall be evenly distributed. (300.02)


In regards to Kelly days who has the right to maintain a "state of readiness" and insure qualified personnel are readily available?

The shift commander (300.02)


Who has the responsibility for compliance with the grooming policy?

The individual. (300.03)


Who is responsible for the enforcement of the grooming policy?

Company officers and battalion chiefs. (300.03)


How are violations of the grooming policy handeled?

Violations will be documented to file. Individuals will have 72 hours to comply, 8 hours for days personnel. Violations may result in disciplinary action. (300.03)


Can an officer be disciplined for not informing the grooming policy?

Yes, if an investigation reveals that an officer has tolerated the violation or is selective in enforcement, discipline may be taken against the officer for failure to properly supervise.(300.03)


How does the hair policy present a professional image?

No ragged or unkempt hairstyles, style extremes, or unnatural hair colorings. (300.03)


How low can the front of the hair extend down?

Not below the eyebrows when naturally combed. (300.03)


How far down can side hair extend?

It may cover only that portion at the ear above the centerline of the ear canal. (300.03)


How far may the back of the hair extend?

It may not extend over the bottom of the collar of a buttoned uniform shirt when in a standing position looking forward. Hair may be worn up to satisfy this. (300.03)


Can you apply grease, oils, or mouse.

Excessive grease and oils are prohibited, mouse (non-alcoholic) may be applied for neatness. (300.03)


Can employees have beards?

Beards are prohibited for employees who are required to wear SCBA. (300.03)


What about lip beards and goatees?

They are also prohibited. (300.03)


What are the regulations for a mustache? (3)

1) must be neatly trimmed
2) shall not extend into the seal of the SCBA
3) handlebar mustaches are allowed as long as they are neatly trimmed, not excessive, and do not connect with the sideburns. (300.03)


What are the regulations for sideburns? (3)

1) Neatly trimmed and close to the face to avoid a possibly defective mask-face piece seal
2) may not extend below the bottom of the ear canal
3) muttonchops, flared sideburns, and any connecting with the mustache are prohibited. (300.03)


How many earrings are allowed?

Earrings are prohibited. (300.03)


Can bracelets be worn?

1 bracelet is allowed as long as it is not excessive and does not present a safety hazard. (300.03)


Can necklaces be worn?

Yes, as long as they are inside the t-shirt at all times. (30.03)


Can rings be worn? (2)

1) Only 1 ring per hand is permissible.
2) Rings that are excessively large or pretentious are prohibited.(300.03)


Can nail polish be worn?

No finger nail polish is allowed. (300.03)


Can other cosmetics be worn?

Cosmetics may be worn but the may not be excessive or extreme. No unnaturally dark or bright lipsticks. (300.03)


How long can fingernails be?

No longer than 1/4" from the tip of the finger. (300.03)


What does the term uniform apply to?
What is included with it, specifically? (7)

Those items provided by the city. Specifically, a complete set of clothing including:
1) dress shirt with patches,
2) pants,
3) t-shirt,
4) jacket,
5) jumpsuit,
6) badge
7) collar ornaments. (300.04)


When are uniforms subject to inspection and by whom?

Daily inspection by the Lt, Capt, or B/C. A more comprehensive inspection will be held during quarterly station inspections. (300.04)


Whose responsibility is it that uniforms are worn properly?

All personnel, and ultimately all officers. (300.04)


How often will uniforms be replaced by the city, and how?

On an as-needed basis, by written request. (300.04)


When is the employee responsible for replacing the uniform?

If it was damaged or lost due to employee negligence. (300.04)


What is the class A uniform? (10)

1) white long sleeve dress shirt
2) black tie
3) dress pants
4) badge
5) name tag
6) collar ornaments
7) jacket (if appropriate)
8) dress hat
9) black belt
10) black shoes (300.04)


What is the class B uniform? (10)

1) short sleeve dress shirt (blue or white)
2) uniform t-shirt
3) navy work pants
4) badge
5) name tag
6) collar ornaments (if appropriate)
7) jacket (if appropriate)
8) black belt
9) black shoes
10) baseball cap (optional) (300.04)


What is the class C uniform? (6)

1) uniform t-shirt (or golf shirt for FLS, Admin staff, or for special details requiring fire chiefs approval)
2) navy work pants
3) jacket (if appropriate)
4) black belt
5) black shoes
6) baseball style cap (optional) (300.04)


What is the class D uniform? (7)

1) jump suit
2) uniform t-shirt (optional)
3) badge
4) collar ornaments (if applicable)
5) black belt (if applicable)
6) black shoes
7) baseball style cap (optional) (300.07)


Where is the badge to be work?

On dress shirts above the flap on the left breast pocket. On jumpsuits in the badge holder or above the left breast pocket. (300.04)


What color are badges for which ranks?

Silver for all ranks below Capt. Capt and above gold in color. (300.04)


Where is the name tag to be worn?

On the seam above the flap of the right breast pocket on dress shirts. (embroidered on jackets and jumpsuits) (300.04)


Who wears collar accessories (bugles)?

All personnel holding the rank of Lt and above. (300.04)


How should the bugles be worn?

Parallel to the point of the collar. When the individual is wearing a tie the bugles are to be worn straight up and down. (300.04)


How many bugles does each rank have?

Capt-2 uncrossed
B/C- 2 crossed
Division Chief- 3 crossed
Deputy Chief- 4 crossed
Fire Chief- 5 crossed (300.04)


What other pins may be worn?

1) 1 service pin ay be worn 1/2" above the center of the name tag on dress shirt, jumpsuits, or jackets.
2) a union pin or american flag pin may be substituted as long as it does not exceed 1" in size.
At no time can more than 1 pin be worn except that a department commendation pin may be worn in addition to the 1 pin max. (300.04)


What uniform will employees have available at the commencement of shift?

Full class B. (300.04)


When will the class B uniform be worn? (7)

1) participating in special details
2) public relations programs
3) inspections
4) educational classes
5) city and/or department meetings
6) while at the PSC
7) any other time requested by the company officer or B/C (300.04)


When should the class B uniform not be worn?

Any responses or training requiring the use of bunker gear. (300.04)


When may jumpsuits be worn?

Between 2000-0800 while responding to calls and participating in training exercises. Uniformity must be remained at all times on a unit. (300.04)


What if the class B uniform is contaminated?

The station commander may make special considerations, but uniformity must still be maintained. (300.04)


What off-duty hours can a uniform be worn?

1 hour prior to and following shift. (300.04)


When may department approved shorts be worn?

During designated physical fitness training periods. (300.04)


When can white socks be worn?

Only during approved training or physical fitness periods. Never with low cut department approved shoes, only navy blue or black socks. (300.04)


When can sweatshirts/ sweatpants be worn?

During scheduled physical fitness training periods. Never while responding to calls. (300.04)


What is defined as influencing or offering to influence or threatening the career, pay, or job of another person on the basis of that persons protected category?

Harassement. (300.05)


When is it allowed to be involved in a fist fight or physical or verbal altercation?

As a last means of self defense. (300.05)


Are employees allowed to store weapons in their personal vehicle in station parking lots?

No, no weapons are allowed on city property. (300.05)


How long do you have to report any disposition of criminal charge including any arrest or a traffic citation that may result in suspension or loss of driving privelages and to who?

Within 24 hours to the fire chief. (300.05)


How long and to whom must you report a change in address or telephone number?

Within 24 hours to your immediate supervisor. (300.05)


How long after normal duty time of no contact will an employee be considered AWOL?

After 30 minutes. (300.05)


How long should personal phone calls be limited to?

Max 10 minutes. (300.05)


When should the fire station doors be closed and secured?

When the station is unattended and daily at 2100 (300.05)


Each fire station will be opened up daily no later than

0730 (300.05)


Members must be out of bed no later than

0700 (300.05)


What times are visitors allowed in the statin? Can there be exceptions made?

1700-2100, and only with the permission of the station commander. Reasonable exceptions can be made, however only after 2100 when approved by the fire chief. (300.05)


What are the rules for grocery shopping? (5)

1) 1 time per shift
2) in zone, out of zone with battalion approval
3) 1 member must remain with the vehicle
4) shopping will not exceed 30 minutes
5) the vehicle will not be parked in fire lanes and will not interfere with traffic. (300.05)


According to the OPMs when must you notify the fire chief or battalion chief of a subpoena, court order, or legal process?

Immediately. (300.05)


It is operationally necessary to schedule ___ people per shift?

33 people (300.06)


What is the minimum staffing per shift?

31. In the event of preauthorized extended leaves staffing levels of 29 may be approved by the fire chief or his designee. (300.06)


Whenever possible there should be __ medics on all ALS units?

2 medics (300.06)


Overtime is used to bring the personnel strength to a minimum of

29 personnel (300.06)


At the following staffing levels, which units have 2 personnel: 29, 30, 31?

29-R39, R83, R92
30-R39, R83
31-R83 (300.05)


After every unit has 3 personnel, who is the first unit to get a fourth?

All extra personnel are designated as relief and assigned by the battalion chief as needed. (300.06)


When are stations bid?

October of odd years. (300.06-sec 2)


According to the OPMs when are station bids effective?

January 1st of even years. (300.06-sec 2)


Can anyone bid 92.

Only personnel meeting current requirements for special ops assignment. (300.06-sec 2)


Stations will have ____ available positions for bid assignments?

5 positions (300.06-sec 2)


Which stations are grouped together by year?

39-72 and 59-83. (300.06-sec 2)


Who must be minimally certified as a paramedic on suppression vehicles?

Either the captain or the driver (300.06-sec 2)


Who assigns/approves the EMS shift supervisor?

The fire chief. (300.06-sec 2)


Station bidding for 39, 59, 72, 83?

39, 59, 72: 1 Capt, 1 D/O, 1 Lt, 3 FF
83: 1 Capt, 1 D/O, 1 Lt, 2 FF (300.06-sec 2)


For bid purposes how many 92 personnel must be members of the team?

5 members (300.06-sec 2)


What are the minimum credentials for staffing 92?

4 team members and 2 divers. (300.06-sec 2)


When assigning annual or any other type of leave, what is the minimum staffing?

33 people (300.07)


Routine scheduling shall a minimum of ____ personnel per rank off?

1 Capt, 1 D/O, 1 Lt, 1 FF. B/C time off will not effect other ranks. (300.07)


Vacation biding minimums for FLS?

When it has a full compliment of personnel, a minimum of 1 FLS captain and 2 inspectors can be scheduled off. (300.07)


When scheduling time off, what is the limit for scheduling out of class?

1 per rank. (300.07)


When will annual vacation bidding be bid and approved by?

Bid during first 2 weeks in November. Approved by Dec 1. (300.07)


How many vacation bids can an employee submit? and how?

5, each bid is a continuous block excluding kelly days up to the maximum hours earned in a single year. (300.07)


How many passes are employees allowed at the vacation bid process?

2 passes (300.07)


Outside of annual bidding, how will vacation requests be considered?

First come first serve basis. (300.07)


Holdover OT is used to fill OT slots expected to be no greater than ___?

8 hours. (300.09)


Overtime is offered in ___?

24 hour blocks, the employee may take either the entire 24 or either 1/2. (300.09)


If out on workers comp, employees shall be afforded the opportunity to work overtime retro ___?

1 year prior to return date. (300.09)


For what hours must direct contact be made for an employee to be marked off the OT list?

0900-0700. (300.09)


If an employee is called after 1200 and chooses to work the entire shift, how long will he be marked off for?

12 hours. (300.09)


What events qualify for being placed back on the OT list? (7)

1) time exchange during any part of the OT shift
2) personnel on days where it would conflict with their regular schedule
3) detail during any part of the OT shift
4) personnel on approved leave, including days immediately prior to or after the approved leave
5) on a kelly day if attached to a shift exchange or vacation day
6) workers comp or light duty
7) personnel should not work more than 48 continuous hours without a minimum rest of at least 8 hours. (300.09)


How do you get restored back to the OT list?

Provide proof to fire chief or his designee within 7 days of returning to normal shift., (300.09)


Employees calling in unscheduled leave must do so when and to what primary, secondary numbers?

1 hour prior to the start of their shift. Primary-records division 954-746-3510. Secondary- shift commander 954-746-3404. (300.11)


How do you document OT on daily time sheets/OT forms?

OT up to and including 2 hours can go on the daily time sheet with the station offices or BC's initials. Any OT greater than 2 hors must have an OT authorization form. (300.12)


Who maintains daily time sheets and overtime authorization forms?

The administrative officer. (300.12)


How much sick leave do shift/non shift personnel earn per year?

Shift 144, non shift 96. (300.13)


Personnel will be rated "needs improvement" under "punctuality/attendance" on their annual evaluation for the following sick time abuses. (3)

1) personnel who use more than 144 hours of unexcused sick leave.
2) greater than expected sick days on saturday/sunday (3 days a year)
3) 3 sick days next to kelly days (300.13)


Unexcused sick hours for annual evaluations:

Excellent 0-24
Above average 25-72
Average 73-144
Needs improvement 145-196
Unsatisfactory 197- above (300.13)


How does sick leave become excused and is it still counted against your evaluation?

Submission of a valid Dr.s note and excused generally does not count against your annual evaluation. (300.13)


Emergency annual leave table for annual evaluations:

Excellent 0-2 times 0-24 hrs
Above average 3-4 times 24-48 hrs
Average 5-8 times 49-72 hrs
Needs Improvement >8 times >72 hrs (300.14)


What 5 personnel will be assigned for a memorial service following a ff death? (5)

1) survivor action officer- SAO
2) family liaison officer FLO
3) benevolent representative BR
4) procession officer PCO
5) honor guard coordinator HGC (300.15)


What are the survivor action officers principal concerns? (9)

1) the ongoing welfare of the next of kin
2) coordinates activities of all other officers
3) assure next of kin notification has been made by fire chief or his designee
4) ensure press release is made from PIO
5) arrange to have flags lowered and bunting placed at stations
6) notify PD and other local FD's
7) personally collect deceased items from stations and forward to family liaison officer
8) conduct all meetings with key personnel
9) establish all timetables and schedules (300.15)


What are the family liaison officers principal concerns? (2)

1) assist family in making all decisions/ deliveries to funeral home or director.
2) all autopsy reports and fire department benefit entitlement (300.15)


What are the benevolent representatives principal concerns? (4)

1) coordinate all activity with organizations that could provide benefits to the family
2) coordination of activities with volunteers to assist the bereaved family (food, lodging)
3) any immediate financial assistance that may be needed
4) obtain all necessary city forms from non SFRD organizations (300.15)


What are the procession officers principal concerns? (7)

1) Name of cemetery, church, funeral home
2) tentative time schedule
3) will procession involve walking
4) develop a staging scheme
5) any special considerations
6) coordinate procession and PD escorts
7) ensure bunting is on all apparatus (300.15)


Where can a casket mounting system be obtained from?

Metro Dade Fire Rescue. (300.15)


What is the proper sequence of vehicles in a funeral procession? (12)

1) police escort
2) flower vehicle
3) hearse (or pumper carrying casket)
4) immediate family limo/car
5) pall bearers/honor guard
6) fire chief
7) dept/visiting dept apparatus
8) staff and dept vehicles
9) municipal officerfs (mayor, city manager...)
10) other city vehicles
11) friends and family
12) rear police/fire escort (300.15)


What is the honor guard coordinator primary responsibilities? (4)

1) coordination of events when the funeral procession has stopped
2) liaison with cemetery staff
3) attend all meetings
4) development of formation of personnel, issuing orders consistent with military standards (300.15)


What uniform shall ff wear to a funeral?

Department dress uniform with white long sleeve shirt, pants pressed, shoes shined and tie with gold or silver tie clip. (300.15)


What uniform shall pall bearers, ushers, and honor guards wear to a funeral?

Department dress uniform with shirt and pants pressed, shoes shined and belt buckles polished, white gloves, hat, and tie. (300.15)


What level of honors are provided for an "in the line of duty death" (dies at the scene of a call or later succumbs to injuries sustained related to an alarm)? (11)

1) 1 engine (casket in bed if requested)
2) as many apparatus and staff vehicles as possible
3) invitation to other departments to provide apparatus
4) drive by assigned station
5) bunker gear (helmet, coat, pants) placed in line-up of personnel at assigned station
6) minimum of 6 pall bearers (additional may be honorary)
7) minimum of 5 honor guard members at 15 min. intervals (2 at casket, 2 at door, 1 at register)
8) honor guard procession and flag folding ceremony (7 honor guard members)
9) crossed ladders
10) FF last alarm
11) family presented with American flag and medal of valor from fire chief (300.15)


What level of honors are provided for "death on duty" (on duty but no relation to an alarm)? (7)

1) 1 engine (casket in bed if requested)
2) as many apparatus and staff vehicles as possible
3) invitation to other departments to provide apparatus
4) minimum of 6 pall bearers (additional may be honorary)
5) minimum of 5 honor guard members at 15 min. intervals (2 at casket, 2 at door, 1 at register)
6) honor guard procession and flag folding ceremony (7 honor guard members)
7) family presented with American flag and medal of valor from fire chief (300.15)


What level of honors are provided for any current FF who dies off duty? (no relation to any alarm) (5)

1) 1 engine (casket in bed if requested)
2) as many apparatus and staff vehicles as possible
3) minimum of 6 pall bearers (additional may be honorary)
4) minimum of 5 honor guard members at 15 min. intervals (2 at casket, 2 at door, 1 at register)
5) family presented with American flag and medal of valor from fire chief (300.15)


What level of honors will be given to any retired FF with funeral being held in Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach? (3)

1) as many apparatus and staff vehicles as possible
2) minimum of 3 honor guard members at 15 minute intervals ( 2 at casket, 1 at register)
3) flag folding ceremony (4 honor guard members)
*if possible 1-2 honor guard members posted at the door (300.15)


What level of honors will any current or retired FF's immediate family member be given if funeral is held in Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach?

Honor guard members posted at the front door. (time intervals depend on number of honor guard members present) (300.15)


What honors will a FF death in the tri county area be given?

Make available 1 spare apparatus or support unit depending on circumstances of death with union representatives on unit. (300.15)


How often should flags be lowered and inspected?

Annually, or sooner if visible damage is noted. (300.16)


What is done with damaged flags?

It should be lowered, folded, and forwarded to the logistics division, and a replacement flag shall be requested. (300.16)


At stations with only 1 flag pole (which st's) which flags shall be flown?

72, 92. American flag on top, department flag underneath. (300.16)


AT stations with 3 flag poles (which st's) how shall flags be flown?

39, 59. American flag on pole furthest to viewers left, with department flag underneath. the next pole will have the FL state flag, and the city flag all the way to the right. (300.16)


How are the flags flown at stations with 4 flag poles (which st's)?

83, American flag furthest to the viewers left, followed by FL state flag, city flag, with department flag all the way to the right. (300.16)


Under what circumstances will flags be flown at half-mast? (6)

1) National fallen FF memorial day from 0800-0800 the following day
2) on Memorial Day from 0800-1200
3) on May 15, (Peace Officers Memorial Day) from 0800-0800 the following day unless it falls on Armed Forces Day (3rd Saturday in May)
4) Presidential order upon death of a principal figure of the US government
5) Governors executive order
6) order of the fire chief. (300,16)


When is National Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial Day?

First Sunday in October. (300.16)


How long will flags be flown at half staff for the death of a government official by type? (4)

1) 30 days from the death of a current or former president
2) 10 days from the death of a current vice-president, sitting or retired US supreme court chief justice, or speaker of the house
3) from the day of death to the day of internment for an associate US supreme court justice, secretary of an Executive or Military department, former vice-president, governor of FL
4) on the day of death and the following day for a FL member of congress (300.16)


What are the steps for raising/lowering the flags? (5)

1) Personnel will form a single row facing the flag, stand at attention, and render a military salute
2) personnel raising the flag will attach the flag to the halyard, and briskly raise it to the top of the pole
3) the American flag is raised first and lowered last
4) the flag will be lowered slowly and ceremoniously
5) flags will be lowered right to left, with the American flag lowered last. (300.16)


Any individual assigned to light duty for greater than ___ will report to the training division prior to returning to their normal shift?

greater than 3 months. (300.17)


How often is an employee on light duty responsible for submitting medical status updates from the treating physician?

Weekly or as reasonably available. (300.17)


How often should the awards review board meet?

Quarterly, or as the chairperson feels the need arises. (301.00)


Who shall make up the awards review board?

1 staff representative, 1 shift representative, 1 member appointed by the fire chief. (301.00)


What is the Maltese Cross awarded for?

Posthumously to a SFRD member who loses their life in the performance of their duties under honorable circumstances. Receive medal and a framed certificate. (301.00)


What is the medal of Honor awarded for?

SFRD member for extraordinary heroism. Act must be in excess of normal demands and he must be fully aware of imminent threat to personal safety and acted above/beyond the call of duty at the risk of life. (301.00)


What is the Meritorious Service Award awarded for?

SFRD member for outstanding performance of a difficult task involving personal risk to safety when because of their actions a serious injury or loss of life was prevented. (301.00)


What is the Distinguished Service Award awarded for?

SFRD member for outstanding performance under difficult or unusual circumstances involving protection of life/property. Also members of other departments for excellent assistance while aiding SFRD. (301.00)


What is a unit citation or firefighter citation awarded for?

For performance as an efficient and valuable unit/firefighter either in outstanding performance or general duties over an extended period of time, or for specific tasks. Receive certificate. (301.00)


What is firefighter of the year awarded for?

By the fire chief to an SFRD member who has obtained a medal of honor, meritorious award, distinguished service award, or citation award. (301.00)


What is a civilian citation awarded for?

For civilians whose actions result in meritorious actions such as life saving or assisting a firefighter with disregard for life or safety. Awarded a certificate. (301.00)


Who will the department accept and investigate complaints of employee misconduct from?

Any citizen, public official, or other member. (302.00)


What are the 3 steps in the corrective action process?

Coaching, counseling, formal administrative process. (302.00)


What should be the primary method to focus on corrective modification?

Coaching. (302.00)


Which parts of the corrective action process are considered informal?

Coaching and counseling. (302.00)


Is coaching considered discipline?

No. Coaching is the foundation for training. (302.00)


Where should coaching that requires additional effort be documented?

RMS. (302.00)


Who sits in on coaching, counseling?

coaching- subordinate and supervisor.
counseling- subordinate, supervisor, battalion chief. (302.00)


Is counseling considered discipline?

No. It is a progressive process grounded in a written plan.(302.00)


What 3 components must a written plan have?

Statement of the problem, what actions need to be modified or changed, and a timeline. (302.00)


What is a good timeline for a written plan?

Timelines rarely exceed beyond 90 days. (302.00)


What are the 3 steps to the formal administrative process?

Informal inquiry or "fact finding mission," formal investigation, and administrative proceeding "predetermination." (302.00)


When does the employee have Weingarten rights?

During investigatory interviews only. (302.00)


What is an informal inquiry?

A meeting by the fire chief or his designee with a ff which an allegation of misconduct has come to attention. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the facts and determine whether a formal investigation should be commenced. Weingarten rights apply. (302.00)


What is the process of the formal investigation?

Investigation ordered by the fire chief for the purpose of gathering evidence of misconduct. Weingarten rights apply. If charges are recommended, item will proceed to administrative proceeding.(302.00)


What is the administrative proceeding?

Any non-judicial hearing which may result in the recommendation of disciplinary action including suspension or termination. Will be conducted by the fire chief and he will issue a discharge of discipline. (302.00)


In general, what 5 options will be considered for a discharge of discipline?

Verbal reprimand, written reprimand, suspension, demotion, termination. (302.00)


When is immediate action justified?

When in the opinion of the B/C the employee is physically or mentally impaired, or the safety and well-being of on duty personnel or the public is jeopardized to the point that the primary mission of the fire rescue department could become compromised by the actions of the member. (302.00)


Who investigates lateness/AWOL?

Operations division chief. (302.01)


Who investigates citizen complaints?

Administrative deputy chief. (302.02)


How long will citizen complaints me maintained for

1 year. (302.02)


Anyone who receives a complaints must forward it to the administrative deputy chief within?

3 business days. (302.02)


What 5 things must be obtained from a complaint?

1) nature/description of the complaint. 2) location, date, and time of incident. 3) names of employees or units involved. 4) contact phone # and address. 5) name of complainant and any witnesses. (302.02)


How long after the complaint is received must the complainant be notified by the fire chief or his designee?

5 calendar days. (302.02)


How often should patient areas of rescue units be cleaned?

After each transport. (303.01)


How often should all front line apparatus be cleaned?

Daily or more frequently if needed. (303.01)


What day shall the Dive truck have all its equipment checked out?

Every Saturday. (303.01)


Who reviews the checkout sheets daily and for what?

The station officer. For items which require immediate attention such as safety issues, severe leaks, or no headlights. (303.01)


Who does the station officer contact for items requiring immediate attention found during checkouts?

The logistics officer and/or the city garage. (303.01)


Who are completed checkouts routed to?

The logistics officer except haz-mat to the haz-mat coordinator and dive to the dive coordinator. (303.01)


How hi should engine pump pressure be raised during morning checkout?

150 psi. (303.01)


Aerials shall be _(3)__ every day. What shall be checked?

Raised, extended, and rotated. Hydraulic reservoir levels. (303.01)


How long should generators/power packs be run during checkout?

3-5 min. (303.01)


What type of cleaning is done on a rescue after any contact with a known communicable disease patient?

Schedule B cleaning. (303.01)


What is involved in schedule A cleaning?

Clean all compartment, clean and lube all hand tools, clean entire interior, armor all tires. (303.01)


What is involved in schedule B cleaning for engines?

Back flush pump, lube discharge handles and drains. Lube deluge gun, lube ladders and check halyards, lube suction brackets. (303.01)


What is involved in back flushing the pump?

Remove all PIRVs and screens, scrape out plumbing with wire brush or spanner, pump water in through discharge, put a nozzle on at least 1 gate and flow to 150 psi. (303.01)


What is involved in schedule B for aerials?

Check ladder for cracks, cables for wear and tear, check and lube nylon blocks, flow water through and lube water way, check all switches, lube outriggers, rotate and extend aerial. (303.01)


What is involved in schedule B for rescues?

Spray mild degreaser into AC intake fans and allow to set for 5 min then rinse, wipe down interior with disinfectant, mop floor with 1:100 bleach solution, wipe down Lifepack with disinfectant, clean med box, clean suction unit, disinfect all backboards. (303.01)


Where shall completed vehicle work order forms be faxed immediately after completion in Track-It?

City garage 954-749-4078 and Logistics 954-746-3455. (303.01)


When are vehicle work orders sent to logistics to ensure continuity following repairs?

After ALL repairs from a vehicle repair form are completed. (303.01)


What is the station duty for Sunday?

Apparatus day. (303.02)


What is the station duty for Monday?

Kitchen including refrigerator and hoods. (303.02)


What is the station duty for Tuesday?

Bathroom including laundry and locker room. (303.02)


What is the station duty for Wednesday?

Dormitory day including weight room. (303.02)


What is the station duty for Thursday?

Lobby and office including classrooms. (303.02)


What is the station duty for Friday?

Living area, dining, and day area including courtyard and patio and grill and grill hood. (303.02)


What is the station duty for Saturday?

Bays to include policing the exterior grounds. (303.02)


During what months do we do Bi-annual cleaning?

January and July. (303.02)


Who is responsible for the safe operation of the vehicle and its personnel?

The officer. (303.03)


Who is responsible for deploying backers while backing a vehicle?

The officer. (303.03)


Who is in control of the vehicle and therefore responsible for its movement?

The driver. (303.03)


When can apparatus be driven off of hardened or paved roadway?

Never. (303.03)


Which personnel receive take home vehicles?

At the fire chiefs discretion. (303.03)


To whom would the driver of a take home vehicle report a traffic incident?

The on duty battalion chief. (303.03)


Whose responsibility is the execution of the daily activity schedule?

The station officer, under approval of the shift commander. (303.04)


Who is responsible for vehicle movement within the district?

The station officer. (303.05)


Who is responsible for vehicle movement across district boundaries?

The battalion chief. (303.05)


If the battalion chief is unavailable, who should vehicles check with for movement across district boundaries?

First the station officer then dispatch. (303.05)


What is the turnout time for all personnel and units under normal conditions?

60 seconds. (303.05)


The daily station report is divided into 2 halfs, what is on the top and bottom?

Pertinent payroll information is on the top, and on the bottom is information related to the station, shift, and vehicle activities. (303.06)


What is written under station for B39 and EMS39?

PSC. (303.06)


OT lasting longer than ___ requires an OT authorization form?

2 hours. (303.06)


What can be written in payroll comments?

Comments reserved to justify overtime. (303.06)


Who is always the officer in charge?

The engine company officer. (303.06)


In the first area of the daily officer report is 12 check boxes, 6 being bold. Why are 6 bold?

The bold checks require additional information to be added to the bottom of the report. (303.06)


Which 6 checked categories are bold?

Safety, details logged, incident report, worker's comp, work orders, and student rider. (303.06)


What are the 12 check boxes on the daily officer report?

Safety, review of information, vehicles clean, station duties, training logged, details logged, incident report, probation evaluation, worker's comp, work orders, inventory, student riders. (303.06)


What is the flow of paperwork once the daily station report has been completed?

The top 2 pages will be routed to PSC, the bottom hard stock copy will be placed in a 3-ring binder at the statin. (303.06)


What will happen to the top 2 pages of the daily station report once the B/C receives them?

Page 1 will be forwarded for payroll processing. Page 2 will be reviewed by the oncoming (next shifts) BC to ensure additional paperwork is accompanying and place back in the off going (same shifts) BC mailbox. BCs will then review their own shifts daily reports for completeness and accuracy, sign, and placed in the stations 3 ring binder to be kept at PSC for 1 year. (303.06)


Which NFPA applies to fire hose testing and maintenance?

1962. (304.01)


How often shall fire hose be tested?

Within 90 days prior to being placed in service initially, and then annually thereafter. (304.01)


How often shall fire hose be rotated?

Twice a year. (304.01)


How and when is hose testing and rotation assigned?

Annually by the logistics BC to each shift BC prior to Feb 15 of each year. (304.01)


When shall hose testing be completed?

The shift BC will ensure it is completed by the end of March. (304.01)


When does the second hose rotation occur?

September. (304.01)


Who will supervise the inspection and hose testing?

The company officer. (304.01)


Who does the company officer forward the completed hose testing forms to?

The logistics division. (304.01)


How do you handle engraved hose inventory numbers that can't be plainly read?

They will be re-etched. If they are not readable, contact the logistics BC to arrange re-etching. (304.01)


Who reviews all hose testing results?

Logistics BC. (304.01)


What happens to hose that fails pressure test?

It will be red tagged by the company officer with the reason and the logistics division will be contacted to arrange appropriate repairs. (304.01)


How shall hose be laid out to test?

Each hose shall be of the same test pressure, shall not exceed 300 ft, and shall be straight, flat, and w/o kinks or twists. (304.01)


What shall be on the far end of each hose line being tested?

A test cap with a bleeder valve or a nozzle with a non-twist shutoff. (304.01)


How shall the hose be pressurized for testing?

With the test cap open, the pressure shall be raised to 45 psi +/- 5 psi, and the discharge end shall be raised above the highest point. the test cap/ nozzle shall then be closed slowly, followed by the water supply. (304.01)


What shall be done once the hose is full and at 45 psi +/- 5 psi?

It shall be checked for leaks at each coupling and the couplings tightened with a spanner. Each coupling shall then be marked at the back using a black marker pen to determine if it slips during the test. (304.01)


How shall the pressure be raised to testing pressure?

Slowly, not greater than 15 psi per second, up to service pressure. The pressure shall then be maintained by pressure boosts if necessary for a stabilization period of not less than 1 minute per 100 ft. (304.01)


Following meeting stabilization pressure, how long shall the hose hold its pressure without boosts?

5 minutes. (304.01)


What is the test pressure for hose manufactured in July 1987 or after?

It is stenciled into each length of hose and reads..."service test to ____psi per NFPA 1962." (304.01)


What is the test pressure for hose manufactured prior to July 1987?

1-3/4" and 2 1/2"- 300 psi, 5"- 200 psi. (304.01)


While the hose is at its service test pressure, how shall it be inspected for leaks?

The inspector shall walk no closer than 15 ft. on the left side of the nearest layout (the left side when facing the free end while standing at the pump). (304.01)


What safety equipment must be worn during hose testing?

Helmet gloves and eye protection. (304.01)


After testing what shall be done with hose before being placed back in service or storage?

It shall be cleaned, drained, and dried. (304.01)


What shall be used on hose that is oily or greasy?

A mild detergent and scrub brush. It must then be rinsed and dried. (304.01)


All new hose placed in service after October 1, 1998 shall be marked how?

It shall be engraved into the female coupling or either stortz coupling.
First 2 digits, year of purchase.
Third digit, size of hose rounded to the lowest full inch (1.5=1, 1.75=1, 2.5=2, 5=5).
Last three digits, a sequential 3 digit ID number for each length purchased that year.
ie: 1.75" hose purchased in '98=981007 (304.01)h


Who shall be responsible for maintaining hose inventory records, and problems with the hose?

The logistics division. (304.01)


According to company level training, who is considered an officer?

Anyone with a minimum rank of captain or acting captain. (305.01)


Which stations are required to conduct bona-fide training daily, and how much and which days?

St. 39, 83 and 92 a min of 3 hrs of bona-fide training Mon-Sat. 59 and 72, 1 hr. (305.01)


What is/is not considered bona-fide training?

Station maintenance is not bona-fide training. Special details such as hose, ladder, or pump testing are. (305.01)


If there is no assigned training from the training division, who is responsible for identifying topics and delivering training?

The company officer. (305.01)


Who is responsible for ensuring that company officers are completing the monthly training in a timely manner?

Battalion chiefs (and acting). (305.01)


How far in advance should company officers attempt to call the training division when in need of resources?

At least 1 shift. (305.01)


Who will give permission for unit movement within the district?

Th station officer. (303.05)


What is the OPM for the personal appearance?

OPM 300.03


What is the rules of conduct OPM?

OPM 300.05


What is the sick leave and emergency leave OPM?

OPM 300.13 and 300.14


What is the corrective action section of the OPM?

OPM 302.00


What is the lateness/AWOL OPM?

OPM 302.01


What is the citizen complaint OPM?

OPM 302.02


Emergency leave excellent rating

Hours 0-24 or 0-2 occurrences (300.14)


Emergency leave above average

Hours 25-48 or 3-4 occurrences. (300.14)


Emergency leave satisfactory rating

Hours 49-72 or 5-8 occurrences (300.14)


Emergency leave needs improvement rating

Hours greater than 72 or greater than 8 occurrences. (300.14)


Sick leave excellent rating

Hours 0-24 (300.13)


Sick leave above average rating

Hours 25-72 (300.13)


Sick leave average rating

Hours 73-144 (300.13)


Sick leave needs improvement rating

Hours 145-196 (300.13)


Sick leave unsatisfactory rating

Hours 197 and above (300.13)


Witnessed behavior that is inappropriate shall be immediately reported to the ___ and will follow the same procedure as in ___?

Shift B/C, OPM 302.02 "citizen complaint." (300.05)


When an employee makes a request for union representation to be present management has 2 options?

Stop questioning until the union representative arrives or call off the interview. (302.00)


What is a measure taken by a supervisor when necessary to improve or modify an employees performance or behavior?

Coaching (302.00)


What is the foundation of training?

Coaching (302.00)


Who must sign the counseling report?

The officer and BC (302.00)


What does restricted from duty mean?

The individual employee is removed from their vehicle assignment and temporarily assigned to non-operational duties. (302.00)


The formal administrative process will adhere to ?

FS 112.80 "FF bill of rights" (302.00)


Overtime, while used reservedly, is automatically approved in order to bring the total personnel strength to a minimum of __?

Minimum 29 personnel per shift. (300.06)





Awards: Maltese Cross, Medal of Honor, Meritorious Service, Distinguished Service?

Maltese Cross-FF who loses life.
Medal of Honor-Extraordinary heroism, at risk of his life
Meritorious Service-outstanding performance, risk of safety, saved a life or prevented serious injury.(or other actions)
Distinguished Service-Outstanding performance under difficult conditions. protection of life and property. (301.00)


Awards: Unit citation, FF of Year, Civilian Citation?

Unit Citation-Performance as efficient/valuable unit/FF
FF of Year- Member who has obtained previous metal
Civ. Citation-civilians for meritorious acts. (301.00)


Incident safety officer-To meet this objective, the IC may assign___ as a "safety company" The officer shall be the ___ and the balance of the crew will be assigned other duties such as ___?

Engine company. Officer=Safety officer, balance=battalion aide, accountability, assistant safety officer. (400.10)


What is the definition of "all clear" after a search?

Company officers of crews responsible for search and rescue will assure they have accounted for their crews at the time they report an "all clear"