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Where are minutes from each staff meeting sent and kept and for how long?

Minutes are sent to each station and kept at PSC. Stations can dispose of them after 2 weeks. (500.01)


Who are requests for public records forwarded to?

Fire rescue administration or the city clerk's office. (500.02)


Where must completed patient reports be stored until collected in the morning rounds?

In specific interoffice envelopes in the top drawer of the station file cabinet. (500.03)


In regards to HIPPA who is the privacy officer for sunrise fire rescue and would be the point of contact for patient complaints, subpoenas, and record requests?

The administrative officer. (500.03)


If you are subpoenaed and want a copy of the report, who do you get it from?

Whoever issued the subpoena. (500.03)


What hours should city telephones not be used for personal activities?

0800-1700. (501.02)


How long are personal phone calls on designated phones limited to?

10 minutes. (501.02)


What are issued as permanent policies that are not intended to be changed?

General orders. (502.02)


What that is issued is informal in nature such as short-term announcements, classes, and street closures?

Administrative bulletins. (502.03)


How often will general orders and ABs be reviewed and by whom?

Every year by the labor management committee. (502.03)


Monthly reports of responses and incidents by unit and station will be kept where and sent where? When can they be disposed of?

Sent to the stations and kept at PSC. They can be disposed of after 2 months. (500.01)


Questions regarding reports and minutes will be directed to who?

Shift battalion chief. (500.01)


According to the OPMs, what are public records defined as?

Documents, papers, letters, maps, books, tapes, photographs, films, sound recordings, data processing software and other material regardless of its physical form, characteristics, or means of transmission, made or received pursuant to law or ordinance or in connection with the transaction of official business by any agency. (500.02)


Who is the custodian of the city's public records?

The city clerk. (500.02)


What does PHI stand for?

Protected health information. (500.03)


PHI includes information on which people?

Living and dead. (500.03)


Once retrieved during station rounds, completed patient reports should be forwarded to whom and for what?

The EMS shift supervisor for collation and quality assurance review. (500.03)


What does NPP stand for and who gets one?

Notice of privacy practices, to each patient where a patient report is generated.(500.03)


Where can the city of Sunrise computer systems security and use policy be found?

On the personnel portal intranet site under administrative policies. (501.01)


Use of personal cell phones is only permitted when?

During limited times when work responsibilities are not being performed. (501.03)


Who can restrict calls on city phones?

The officer in charge. (501.02)


When can digital imaging devices that are part of a cell phone be used on duty?

With permission from the fire chief. (501.03)


When digital or photographic images are needed for work related purposes, staff should___?

Utilize department-provided imaging equipment. (501.03)


Personal cell phones may be permitted to be carried on duty but ___?

Must be placed on silent mode and allow voicemail to answer the call. (501.03)


When can messages be checked?

During "down time?" (501.03)


When can personnel use a cell phone while driving a vehicle?

Under very limited circumstances such as when the vehicle is staffed with only a driver. (501.03)


Any image that involves a patient, emergency incident scene, or the identity of the department can not be posted on internet sites without?

The express permission of the fire chief. (501.03)


Who may add images to the city's website?

The web master. (501.03)


The identity theft and red flags and the establishment of an identity theft prevention program are designed to ___,______, and _____?

Detect, prevent, and mitigate identity theft. (501.04)


Sunrise is a ____ with ___ under the red flag rules?

Creditor with covered accounts. (501.04)


Under the red flag rules, Sunrise is required to (3)?

Identify covered accounts 2) establish a written identity theft prevention program 3) administer the program. (501.04)


How often will SFD determine whether it offers or maintains covered accounts?

Annually. (501.04)


In the event of a red flag breach involving ___ or more persons, SFD will determine if reporting must be done within ___ days?

Involving 500, 10 days. (501.04)


When presented with an insurance card or ID that is clearly altered, ambulance personnel should? (3)

Note the incident in an incident report or other appropriate document so it is flagged for review 2) if possible, obtain information about the patient from other sources 3) notify the individual in charge of red flag rules compliance (501.04)


How often are updates to the program required?

At least annually. (501.04)


Whose responsibility is it to provide regular and ongoing reviews to ensure that personnel are familiar with and understand the context of all bulletins and orders?

All officers. (502.01)


Who reviews and signs administrative bulletins and general orders?

The fire chief. (502.02-03)


When can a representative sign for a patient, what 2 disabilities?

When they are physically or mentally unable to sign. (502.04)


Who can sign for a patient? (6)

Representative, legal representative, relative, friend, representative of an institution providing care or support, or a government agency providing the patient with assistance. (502.04)


How long is signature authorization in effect for?

Indefinitely unless the patient or representative revokes the authorization. (502.04)


What 2 reports are used to document the activities of the various personnel responding to incidents?

The computerized National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) and the SFD EMS report. (502.05)


If the electronic reporting system is down how shall reports be documented? And if that is unavailable how shall reports be documented?

By hand on forms provided. A blank sheet of paper and kept until a report can be generated. (502.05)


What does RMS stand for?

Records Management System. (502.05)


What is NFIRS 1?

Basic module. Used on all incidents with additional modules attached depending on the nature of the incident. (502.05)


What NFIRS do all FF injuries require?

NFIRS 5 fire service casualty module. (502.05)


What NFIRS are required for a structure fire?

NFIRS 2,3 fire and structure fire modules. (502.05)


If a PCR can not be left at the hospital, what sufficient information must be provided? (3)

Patient demographics, medical history including current medications and allergies, and any treatments with corresponding outcomes. (502.05)


A completed PCR must be transmitted to the facility within___?

Within 24 hours of the time the vehicle was originally dispatched. (502.05)


What do patient demographics include? (4)

Name, address, gender, DOB or approx age. (502.05)


What must be attached to a paper EKG?

A department approved bar code and patients name, date, and log number. (502.05)


Who are paper EKGs forwarded to?

The EMS shift supervisor. (502.05)


Establishment of a peripheral IV is under what level of care?

BLS. (502.05)


Of the numerous classifications devised by HCFA, only 2 will be utilized by SFD?

BLS, ALS. (502.05)


Who is responsible for the quality assurance and accuracy of the reports being generated in the reporting system?

The battalion chief. (502.05)


Who shall ensure that every call for service is appropriately documented?

Shift commanders and station commanders. (502.05)


What is to be used to document each patient treated, or in some incident, patients that should be treated but refuse treatment?

The sunrise fire rescue patient care report. (PCR or ePCR). (502.05)


The sunrise fire rescue PCR will use the ___ and ___ as the reference book to complete this type of report?

City of sunrise EMS report guidebook and current EMS protocols. (502.05)


What is the minimum vital signs for all PCRs?

Minimum of 2. (502.05)