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Which superficial vein of the upper limb runs along the lateral arm?

Cephalic vein


Which superficial vein runs medial to the arm?

Basilic vein


Which vein connects the cephalic and basilic veins at the cubital fossa? What is it used for?

Median cubital vein.

IV vein


Which dorsal vein of the hand drains into both cephalic and basilic veins?

Dorsal venous arch of hand


What divides the arm into anterior and posterior sections?

Deep fascia of the arm


Biceps brachii muscle?

O&I: connects scapula to elbow

A: flexes and supinate forearm

N: musculocutaneous nerve; brachial vessels


The ______ _______ of the biceps brachii appears shorter and is more lateral than the other head.

Long head


Coracobrachialis muscle?

O&I: scapula to medial humerus

A: flexes arm

N: musculocutaneous nerve; brachial vessels


Brachialis muscle?

O&I: connects lower humerus to ulna

A: flexes forearm

N: radial and musculocutaneous nerves; brachial vessels


Which three motor nerves run through the anterior compartment of the arm?

Musculocutaneous nerve, median nerve, ulnar nerve


Which two cutaneous nerves run through the anterior compartment of the arm?

Medial brachial nerve, medial antibrachial cutaneous nerve

Supply skin of medial arm and forearm


Which nerve and artery are found in the posterior compartment of the arm?

Radial nerve and deep brachial artery


Triceps brachii muscle?

O&I: long head is medial and connects to scapula, lateral head is lateral and medial head is deep, both connect to humerus. All connect to ulna.

A: extends forearm

N: radial nerve; deep brachial vessels


Which nerves run through the anterior compartment of the forearm?

Median and ulnar nerves (C6-T1)


Which nerve runs through the posterior compartment of the forearm?

Radial nerve (C5-C8)


What is special about the musculocutaneous nerve?

Goes from muscular -> cutaneous.

Supplies coracobrachialis, biceps, and brachialis. Then emerges as lateral antibrachial cutaneous nerve and supplies skin of lateral forearm


Where does the median nerve fun in the forearm?

Between superficial and deep anterior muscles.

Supplies most of anterior forearm


What nerve contributes to the funny bone sensation?

Ulnar nerve


The ulnar nerve travels on which side of the arm? Supplies which part of forearm?

Travels posteriorly on medial aspect of arm.

Supplies medial forearm (with ulnar artery)


Which nerve runs between the lateral and medial heads of triceps?

Radial nerve (with deep brachial artery)


Which nerve supplies all triceps brachii and lateral of brachialis?

Radial nerve


What does the superficial branch of the radial nerve supply? Deep branch?

Superficial: skin on back of hand

Deep: posterior forearm muscles


What does the axillary artery become at the inferior border of teres major?

Brachial artery


What does the brachial artery bifurcate to in the cubital fossa?

Radial artery and ulnar artery