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Describe Gamay wine

high acidity, low to medium tannins, red ruit (raspberry, red cherry, red plum)


What fermentation vessel is used for Gamay?

Usually inert


What is the Beaujolais climate? Wine makers commonly use techniques to maximise ___ and minimise ___

What is Beaujolais wine like?


maximise colour, minimise tannin

light bodied, low to medium tannin, red fruit


wines from cru appellations are: ___ and ___.

What are very good examples like?

concentrated and structured

Medium to pronounced red fruit (red cherry, raspberry, plum) with a medium to long finish


Wines from Beaujolais are often served at what temp? Are they intended for aging?

slightly chilled, no.


What are the three levels of Beaujolais wine?
Describe each and their vineyard sites

Name a well known village in the highest designation

Beajolais AOC - made from anywhere in the region, mostly flat, fertile vineyards in the south. High yielding vines, simple and lightest bodied

Beaujolais VIllages AOC - less fertile, stonier soils control yield. Greater flavour intensity and finish

Beaujolais Cru - 10 villages, can potentially age in bottle. Fleurie AOC


How thick is the skin of the Grenache grape?

Describe Grenache wine

What is grenache blended with, where? What do these varieties give to Grenache based wine?

What needs to be controlled to produce quality Grenache?


low to medium tannin, low acidity, high , red fruit (strawberry, red plum, red cherry), spice (white pepper and liquorice)

Syrah in France, Tempranillo in Spain. Colour, acidity, tannin

The yield


What method is used to make grenache rose wine? Describe these wines, do they age?

Short maceration method

dry to medium, red fruit, consume young


What maturation options exist for grenache?

What does bottle aging bring to Grenache?

Inert, oak or old oak to preserve delicate red fruit flavour

Complex flavours of earth, meat, dried fruit.


Name the important Regions for Grenache

Southern Rhone, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, South France, Minervois, Rioja, Navarra, Priorat, Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale.


How does Southern Rhone differ from Rhone Valley?

What are Cotes du Rhone and Cotes du Rhone Villages wines like?

The valley flattens, it is warmer due to more southerly latitude

Cotes du Rhone - simple, medium bodied, red fruit and spice.

Cotes du Rhone Villages - higher level of concentration and complexity


What are Chateauneuf-du-Pape wines like? What is a distinguishing feature of the area?

Chateauneuf-du-Pape - Full bodied, high alcohol. Bottle aging brings dried fruit, caramel

Large round stones on the soil surface which absorb heat to radiate at night and reflect sunlight up onto the vine leaves, both aiding ripening.


Do they make rose and red wine in the South of France?

What is Minervois AOCclimate like? What is Grenache used here for?

yes, rose and red wine

Warm, Grenache ripens fully, used to add red fruit and body to local blends


What do they use Garnacha for in Roija DOCa and Navarra DO? What does it contribute?

Dry rose, body, fresh red fruit


What is the climate of Priorat DOCa? What is distinguishing about the Grenache vines? How is the wine made and what are its characteristics?

Warm and dry

very old vines that produce tiny yields of concentrated grapes

Blended with other varieties, matured for an extended time. Concentrated, powerful, develops dried fruit and caramel in the bottle


What is distinguishing about the Grenache vines of the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale?

Describe the wine made from the fruit of these vines

What else is Grenache used for? What regional wine inspired this style?

Very old vines

Concentrated red fruit and spice, long aging potential


What are the three levels of the Rhone Valley labelling system? What do they refer to? What can you expect from the wine?

Cotes Du Rhone AOC - technically covers whole valley, generally only seen in the south. Simple, medium bodied and intended for immediate drinking

Cotes Du Rhone Villages AOC - More flavour intensity and complexity

Rhone Crus - e.g. Chateauneuf-du-Pape AOC but also Hermitage AOC, Condrieu AOC etc.


What climate is Tempranillo found in?

What is the structural and primary characteristics of Tempranillo?

moderate climates

Dry, medium acidity, medium tannin, medium to full bodied wine.

Red fruit (strawberry and cherry) and black fruit (black berry, black plum)


What is Tempranillo regularly matured in?

What characters do maturation bring to Tempranillo?

Small new oak barrels

vanilla, cedar smoke from oak, bottle aging brings mushroom, leather, dried fruit


List the Important regions of Tempranillo

Catalunya DO, Rioja DOCa, Ribera del Duero DO


What is the order of Spanish wine denominations?

DOCa -> DO -> IGP -> VdM


What is a technique of increasing the age worthiness of Tempranillo? How does it work?

Blending with varieties with more acid and tannin to preserve the wine


Describe the wines of Catalunya DO

What is the climate of Ribera Ribera del Duero DO like?

Describe the wine

high volume region, vary from simple, fruity and light to powerful and oak aged

Mountainous, inland region with warm days and cool nights

very full bodied, fresh black fruit flavour


What is the climate of Rioja like?

Is Rioja commonly a blend? What grape dominates in the top wines?

What grape is commonly blended to make Rioja approachable at a younger age?


yes, Tempranillo



Describe the four stages of the labelling terms of Spanish wine.

What is required of a wine to reach the final stages?

Joven - Young. young, fruity, no oak maturation

Crianza - "Raised". Has seen some oak

Reserva - oak and bottle maturation. Begins to get more complex

Gran Reserva - extended oak and / or bottle maturation. Very complex, older wine.

The wine has to have intense fruit flavour and high amounts of tannin and acidity.


Are Gran Reservas made in every vintage?

Only if the fruit is good enough