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Describe the Pinot Noir Grape

It is a black grape variety with thin skins and is prone to rot and disease


What climates is Pinot Noir grown in? Why?

Cool to moderate climates, if it is too hot the wine will lack varietal character


Describe the colour intensity, sweetness, acidity, tannins, body and primary characteristics depending on ripeness

Pale to medium colour, dry, high acidity, low or medium tannins and light or medium body. Light or medium flavours of red fruit (strawberry, raspberry, red cherry) that can range from fresh to cooked depending on the ripeness of the grapes.


How does Pinot Noir interact with oak? What are the maturation options?

Pinot Noir can be easily overwhelmed by oak, the best Pinot Noir has a subtle touch.

Older oak and / or larger formats are used to impart more subtle flavours.


When does Pinot Noir appear in a blend?

Generally only in Champagne style sparkling wines


Name the regions in France that grow Pinot Noir

Burgundy, Champagne


Name the regions in the US that grow Pinot Noir

Sonoma, Carneros, Santa Barbara County, Oregon


Name the regions in Chile that grow Pinot Noir

Casablanca Valley


Name the regions in South Africa that grow Pinot Noir

Walker Bay


Name the regions in Australia that grow Pinot Noir

Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula


Name the regions in New Zealand that grow Pinot Noir

Martinborough, Marlborough, Central Otago


Describe the climate of Burgundy

Ranges from cool in the north to moderate in the south.


Where is Pinot Noir best suited in Burgundy? What is the region's name? What two subregions is it broken down into?

The moderate south.

Cote d'Or

Cote de Nuits

Cote de Beaune


Apart from climate, what is the determining factor of Pinot Noir quality in Burgundy

Aspect, must face south to south-east


What is the AOC of regional style burgundy called? Describe it

Bourgogne AOC. light to medium body, low tannin, high acid, fresh red fruit, drink young


What are the four levels of Burgundian Pinot Noir?

Bourgogne AOC, Village, Premier Cru, Grand Cru


What distinguishes Village vineyard sites? Describe Village Pinot Noir. Name the two famous villages in Cote de Nuits and the two in Cote de Beaune.

Better situated, better aspects, better draining soils. intensity of flavour, complexity and more length than regional wine.

In Cote de Nuits there is Gevrey-Chambertin and Nuits-Saint-Georges. in Cote de Beaune there is Beaune and Pommard


Describe Burgundian Premier and Grand Cru Pinot Noir wine, what distinguishes these wines?

Concentrated red fruit with oak and tertiary flavours of mushroom and forest floor.

Made from fruit grown in the very best sites, particularly south to south east aspects.


Describe the climate of California in respect to Pinot Noir. Are there any moderating influences that make growing Pinot Noir possible?

Generally too warm, but the moderating effects of the Pacific Ocean, including breezes and fog help cool sites down


Describe the ripeness and level of fruit in Californian Pinot Noir. Are there any examples of fruit high enough in quality to be capable of developing tertiary notes?

Generally ripe, notable amounts of oak. The very best are capable of botle aging


Name the three regions in California that produce quality Pinot Noir and explain the climatically moderating factor/s that make it possible.

Carneros - cooled by morning fog from San Pablo Bay

Sonoma - cooled by sea breezes

Santa Barbara County, cooled by sea breezes from the west and south


What is the quality of Oregon Pinot Noir? What is the climate of Oregon? What are its moderating features? What are its primary, secondary and tertiary notes?

Very good to outsanding

Oregon is moderate with a northerly latitude and exposure to Pacific Ocean.

Complex with fresh flavoured fruit, oak, earth and mushroom tertiary notes


Where in Chile is Casablanca Valley? What are its moderating influences? Describe its Pinot Noir

North of Santiago. Cool sea breezes and morning fog from the Pacific Ocean. Very fruity, cooked strawberries.


Where is Walker Bay? What are its moderating influences? What is the fruit flavour in the wine like? What is the quality of wine made there?

South Africa. Moderated by strong southerly sea breezes. Vibrant red fruit, very good to outstanding wine


What are the two principle regions for Pinot Noir in Australia? What are their moderating qualities? Describe wine made there

Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula, cooled by sea breezes from the Southern Ocean

Style ranges from light and fragrant to fully ripe cooked fruit and medium tannin


What are the climates of Martinborough and Marlborough? What is the quality of their Pinot Noir

cool to moderate. Very good to outstanding


Describe Central Otago Pinot Noir. What are its moderating inflences?

Ripe, powerful red fruit, medium tannins, medium to full body, oak, requires resting

Very south but protected from inclimate weather and breezes by a ring of mountains