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Describe the Syrah grape

It is a small grape with thick skins


Describe the primary and structural characteristics of Syrah

Syrah has pronounced fresh to cooked black fruit, pepper to liquorice spice, high acidity, high tannin and is medium to full in body


What climates does Syrah thrive in?

Moderate to warm climates


What are the maturation options of Syrah, why? What do these options add to the wine?

Syrah is oak aged to soften tannins and add secondary characters of smoke, spice.

Bottle aging is possible due to intensity of fruit flavour and high levels of tannins, adds dried fruit, leather, meat and earth.


What are the blending options available to Syrah?

What are the uses of Syrah in blends?

Syrah can be a single varietal or blended with the Rhone grapes - Grenache, Mouvedre, Viognier, as well as Cabernet Sauvignon in Australia.

Syrah can be blended in small amounts with other varietals to add colour and tannin


What black grapes are permitted in Northern Rhone's AOCs?

Only Syrah


Is the Rhone Valley narrow? Where are the best sites situated? What makes them good? What is the drawback

The Rhone Valley is very narrow, the best sites are on the steep slopes which allows the Rhone river to reflect sunlight onto the leaves.

The slopes are too steep for machinery, must be hand picked, increases price


What is the climate of the Rhone Valley? What allows Syrah in the Rhone Valley to ripen?

Moderate. The river reflects sunlight onto the leaves to help ripen the fruit


Describe Cote Rotie AOC: latitude, vineyard slope, soil.

Most northerly of Rhone appellations, vey steep slopes with stoney soil


Describe Cote Rotie AOC wine: traditional blending components, complexity, spice, body, tertiary aging potential

Syrah with Viognier for perfume, complex and peppery with medium body and a high potential for bottle aging


What does Hermitage AOC consist of?

One steep south facing hill


Describe Crozes-Hermitage AOC. Describe the wine

Surrounds the Hermitage AOC hill. It is larger, flatter, has a higher yield and is machine harvested. The wine is cheaper, less intense and less complex


Describe Syrah in South France and name a AOC that uses Syrah. Describe the blend

Due to South France's reliably warm climate Syrah ripens well. Minervois AOC in Languedoc blends Syrah with the rhone reds and Lladoner Pelut


Is Shiraz Australia's most widely planted red grape?



What is the GI in Australia for high volume shiraz wine from the warm inland regions?

South Eastern Australia


Where are the world's oldest shiraz vines?

Barossa Valley


Describe Barossa Valley's climate and describe their old vine Shiraz

The climate is warm. The grapes are low yield so the wine is very concentrated with a high volume of ripe tannins, cooked black fruit, black pepper and oak


Describe the Hunter Valley's climate and indicate moderating influences

The climate is warm but cool sea breezes and high cloud cover in the summer slows ripening


Describe the primary characteristics of Hunter Valley Shiraz. What tertiary qualities does it develop?

Fresh black fruit, medium to high tannin, medium body, tertiary notes of earth and meat


What is a broad appeal of Syrah?

It's fresh fruit scent, as well as being a full bodied red with cooked fruit character.


What makes Syrah particularly good to pair with food?

Syrah possesses an identifiable pepper character which allows it to be paired with food