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Describe the structure of cool climate Chardonnay

Pale, dry, high acidity, light to medium body.


Describe the primary flavour of cool climate Chardonnay

Green fruit (apple and pear), citrus (lemon, lime) and wet stones


Describe the structure of moderate climate Chardonnay

Medium colour, medium to high acidity, medium to fully body


Describe the primary flavours of moderate climate Chardonnay

medium to pronounced lemon, stonefruit (peach), tropical fruit (melon)


Describe the structure of warm climate Chardonnay

Pronounced colour, medium acidity, full body


Describe the primary flavours of warm climate Chardonnay

Pronounced stonefruit (peach) and tropical fruit (pineapple, banana)


What climates is Chardonnay grown in?

Cool, moderate and warm climates


What vessels are used to ferment Chardonnay?

Inert or oak


Is Malolactic Fermentation used on Chardonnay? Why?

Yes, to soften acidity and add creaminess


Are the lees used during maturation?

Sometimes, especially Burgundian styles, with lees stirring, called Batonnage


What blending options are available?

As a single varietal or blended with local varieties


In what climate would you see acidification of wine? What about chaptalization?

Warm climate, cool climate


What flavours does bottle aging bring to Chardonnay wine?

Hazelnuts, mushrooms


List the important Chardonnay regions in France

Champagne, Burgundy, South France


List the important Chardonnay regions in the US

Carneros, Sonoma, Napa Valley, Santa Barbara County, Oregon


List the important Chardonnay regions in Australia

Yarra Valley, Adelaide Hills, Margaret River


List the important Chardonnay regions in New Zealand

Marlborough, Hawke's Bay


List the important Chardonnay regions in Chile

Casablanca Valley, Central Valley


List the important Chardonnay regions in South Africa

Western Cape, Walker Bay


What flavours does oak bring to Chardonnay?

Smoke, vanilla, coconut


Describe Bourgogne AOC Chardonnay

Simple, unoaked, apple and lemon, high acidity


Describe the Chablis region climate. Describe Chablis AOC wine, describe and discuss Premier and Grand Cru Chablis wine

Chablis is the most northerly and coolest growing region of Burgundy, at higher elevation and with limestone soil. Often suffers from spring frost which can destroy crops but also concentrate individual fruit on a vine.

Chablis AOC wine is simple, unoaked with apple and lemon and high acidity.

Premier and Grand Cru are riper, more flavoursome and complex and can see oak. They sit on south to south east aspect hillsides which make the fruit riper.


What are the two most important villages of Cote-d'Or for Chardonnay?

What is the quality of the wine?

What maturation options are used?

What tertiary qualities are produced from bottle aging these wines?

Meursault AOC and Puligny-Montrachet.

Outstanding quality

Oak barrel fermentation and aging, lees maturation

Hazelnut, mushroom


What are Macon AOC wines like?

Simple, fruity, unoaked


What is the most important village in the Maconnais?

What are the wine like? Why?


Ripe and concentrated, wil see oak fermentation and maturation.

The slopes of Pouilly-Fuisse are steep and sun exposed so the grapes ripen more


What is the level of production of Chardonnay in South France? What is the ripeness level? Is oak used?

High volume, ripe to very ripe, on the best fruit


Describe the climate and wine of Central Valley, California

Very warm and dry, high volume production

Ripe, medium acidity, medium body, oak chips / staves used


Describe the climates of Carneros and Sonoma, What influences their climates? What is their wine like?

Both have moderated climates.

Carneros recieves sea morning fog from San Pablo Bay

Sonoma's exposure to the Pacific Ocean

Intense, well balanced, complex


What is Santa Barbara County known for? What influences its climate? What styles does it produce, what distinguishes these styles from each other?

High quality

Sea breezes funnelled inland through hills

A range from Beaune to new world ripeness - higher alcohol and new oak


What is the climate of Napa Valley like compared to other coastal regions of California?

What style of wine is it known for?

Warmer and sunnier, especially in the north.

Full bodied with pronounced ripeness and new oak