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How is riesling pronounced?



What are the range of characteristics of riesling wine?

dry to sweet, light to full body, high acidity, light to pronounced fruit and floral aromas


What does just ripe riesling taste of?

green apple (apple, pear) and citrus (lemon, lime)


What does extra ripe riesling taste of?

Stone fruit (peach, apricot), tropical fruit (mango, pineapple), dried fruit (dried apricots, raisins)


What would Australian Riesling taste of?

lime, peach, petrol


What climates can Riesling be grown in?

cool, moderate and warm climates


What characters do you get when you harvest riesling early? Later?

Green fruit, high acidity, lower sugar

Riper fruit, higher sugar, lower acidity


What is Sussreserve? What is it used for?

What about Botrytis?

What about Eiswein

"Sweet reserve" concentrated grape juice used to sweeten fermented wine

Botrytis is a mould that makes microscopic holes in the grapes skin allowing water to evaporate out and concentrate the sugar and flavours of the wine in order to make sweet wine

Eiwsvein is when the grape is allowed to freeze on the vine, then harvested so that the ice crystal stay on the pulp. The sugars stay dissolved so it really concentrates the wine. Sweet wine also


What fermentation vessel is generally used for Riesling? Why?

Stainless steel to retain floral aromas


Is MLF used?

No as it doesnt suit the style





What does bottle aging bring to riesling?

gold to amber colour, nuts and petrol notes


List the 6 important regions of riesling

Mosel, Rheingau, Pfalz, Alsace, Eden Valley, Clare Valley


List the stages of the Pradikatswein system

Kabinett, Spatlese, Eiswein, Auslese, Beerenauslese, Trockenbeerenauslese


Why can riesling be manipulated to produce concentrated wines

It is early ripening and builds up sugars and acids slowly so that the winemaker can take their time about picking decisions


Describe why riesling is vulnerable to botrytis

It has compact bunches of small grapes


How are off dry or medium styles of riesling produced?

By stopping fermentation early or adding sussreserve.


Will riesling generally always develop in bottle?



What do each of the Pradikatswein terms mean?

Kabinett - just ripe
Spatlese - late harvest
Auslese - select harvest
Eiswein - ice wine
Beerenauselese - select berry harvest
Trockenbeerenauslese - selected dried berry harvest


Which Pradikatswein designations are botrytised?

beerenauslese and trockenbeerenauslese


Describe the Mosel. What is the riesling like?

Northerly, cool, with steep slopes and stony soil. The river and stones help the grapes ripen.

Light bodied, medium sweetness


Describe Rheingau, what is the wine like?

Similar to Mosel, more South. Vines on the north bank of the Rhine for better aspect. More south so riper fruit. Medium bodied, drier wines.


Describe Alsace. Where are the best vineyards?

Describe the wine
What labelling terms are used in Alsace?

What tertiary notes are seen in Alsace Grand Cru riesling?

What is Vendanges Tardives wine?

Dry, sunny, long growing season because protected from rain and wind by Vosges Mountains. Best vineyards in the foothills facing south to south-east

Dry, medium bodied, pronounced fruit and floral aromas, high acidity.

Alsace AOC, Grand Cru, Vendiges Tardives

Honey and dried fruits


Pronounce Vendages Tardives

"Vuhn-dazsh Tardiv"


Describe Pfalz, what is the wine like?

South again towards the French border, Vosges Mountains promote dry, sunny climate, long growing season, similar climate to Alsace.

Wine is dry, medium bodied with pronounced fruit and floral aroma, high acidity.


Pronounce Vosges



What is the climates of the Clare and Eden Valleys compared to the rest of Australia? Why?
Describe the riesling made there.

Cooler due to higher altitude.

Dry, citrus and stone fruit, floral blossom, gasoline.


What is the name for a style of low quality sweetened german riesling?