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Describe the structural characteristics

Dry, high acid, light to medium body


describe the primary characteristics

herbaceousness (grass, green bell pepper, capsicum, asparagus)


lemon to tropical (passionfruit)


What climates is Sauvignon Blanc grown in?

Cool to moderate climates


What vessels are used to ferment Sauvignon blanc? Why?

Inert, to preserve herbaceousness


What oak maturation options are there? What does oak add?

What styles of Sauvignon Blanc feature lee characters?

Usually not if single varietal unless in California. Semillon blends can see oak.

Complexity and flavour

Oak barrel aged styles


What grape is Sauvignon Blanc commonly blended with?

What is a method to achieve greater complexity in single varietal wines?


Blending with fruit of varying ripeness or from different vineyard sites


Does single varietal Sauvignon Blanc age well? What notes does it develop?

What do SSB blends develop with age?

No, vegetal notes

Honey and nuts


Name the subregions of the Loire that Sauvignon Blanc is grown in

Describe the region

Sancerre, Pouilly-Fume, Touraine


Where is Sancerre and Pouilly-Fume in the Loire. What is their climate like? What is their wine like?

They lay across from each other on the banks of the Loire.

Cool climate

Dry wine, high acid, green fruit, herbaceous, wet stones.


Describe Touraine compared to the other two regions in the Loire. Describe the wine

Larger, lower altitude, far west of Sancerre, cheap and fruity


List the appellations of Sauvignon Blanc in Bordeaux

Bordeaux, Graves, Pessac-Leognan


Describe Bordeaux AOC wine

Describe Graves and Passac-Leognan wine

Bordeaux AOC wine is simple with green apple and grass flavours.

The wine of Graves and Passac-Leognan is made of Sauvignon Blanc Semillon blends, concentrated and complex, can have tertiary notes of honey and nuts


Where can SB be grown in South France? What is the wine like?

higher altitude vineyards. Generally dry, high acid, herbaceousness and passionfruit


What is Marlborough's climate? What are the moderating influences of Marlborough's climate?

What is a notable method of wine production in Marlborough?

What is the wine like?

Cool to moderate, ocean influences of sea breezes and winter rainfall.

They often blend grapes of different ripenesses and from different vineyard sites.

A range of ripeness flavours from lemon to passionfruit and pronounced herbaceousness (asparagus)


There are two styles of SB in Marlborough. What are they?

Cooler vineyard producers tend to make Loire style, warmer sites experiment with oak and/or lees contact for wines of more complexity and style.


What blend is present in Margaret River? What is the wine like?

SSBs, concentrated grass, can see oak.


How warm is Adelaide Hills? What is the wine like? What is it blended with, why?

Cooler than Margaret River. Fresh and fruity, range of ripeness. Semillon, add body, aging potential.


Casablanca Valley is cooled by...

What is the quality of wine from Casablanca Valley?

What is Central Valley known for? Where is the best fruit?

Sea breezes and morning fogs.

Very good

Wide ranging level of quality. High altitudes


What are the two regions of South Africa where quality Sauvignon Blanc is found? What moderates their climates? Which is cooler?

Describe their wines

Constantia, Elgin

Constantia gets sea breezes, ripe wine with herbaceous aromas
Elgin due to altitude - greener wine with wet stone


Is california generally a good temperature for herbaceous Sauvingon blanc? Where do the finest grapes come from? When are they harvested?

Name a region where very good examples can be found

What maturation options do these wines see? why?


Cooler regions of Napa Valley

Oak for body, and flavour (smoke)


Why is Sauvignon blanc considered a trusted brand?

Producers are worried that consumers will tire of...

What are they doing about it?

Distinctive and recognisable flavours. Wine is refreshing and can be had with or without food

The intense herbaceous aromas

experimenting beyond the classic style