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Describe the structural characteristics of Merlot wine

medium tannin, dry, medium acidity, light to full bodied


Describe the aromas and flavours of Merlot in all climates

Red fruit and herbaceous (capsicum) when just ripe, medium to pronounced cooked black fruit (blackberry, black plum) in warmer climates.


What climes are ideal for merlot

Moderate to warm climates


What vessel types are used for Merlot wine?

Inert or oak


What are the blending options available to Merlot?

Merlot can be a single varietal wine or part of a blend with Cabernet Sauvignon. It also appears in Cape Blends with Pinotage and Cabernet Sauvignon


What does bottle aging give to Merlot wine?

Softens the tannins and produces dried fruit and tobacco notes


List the important regions of Merlot

Bordeaux, California, Napa Valley, Sonoma, Central Valley (Chile), Stellenbosch, Margaret River, Hawke's Bay


What does Merlot bring to blends?

Red fruit flavour and reducing tannin and acidity in highly structured wines


What is the climate of Bordeaux like?

Moderate with high rainfall due to the Atlantic Ocean


What geographic feature lies in the middle of Bordeaux? What two things meet there?

The Gironde Estuary, where the Garonne and Dordogne rivers meet


Where in the Bordeaux region does Medoc, Graves and Sauturnes lie, what is this area called?

West and South, the Left Bank


Where is the Right Bank, what areas does it consist of?

North and East, Saint Emillion, Pomerol.


Bordeaux AOC and Bordeaux Superieur AOC are what dominated blends?



Saint Emilion and Pomerol produce outstanding merlot doinated wines of what character and flavour?

Full bodied, pronounced black fruit and oak and tertiary notes of dried fruit and tabacco


Where is the fruit of Bordeaux AOC and Bordeaux Superieur AOC labelled wines sourced from

Anywhere in Bordeaux


What distinguishes Bordeaux Superieur AOC from Bordeaux AOC

Bordeaux Superieur AOC has stricter rules on yields, aging and minimum alcohol


Where is Paulliac AOC?

Haut-Medoc, Left Bank


Where is Margaux AOC

Haut Medoc, Left Bank


Where is Passac-Leognan

Graves, Left Bank


What is Merlot commonly blended with in South France? What is the quality level?

Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Syrah. All quality levels


What is California Merlot like?

Fruity and medium bodied


How is Sonoma and Napa Valley Merlot? What is the oak like? What oak formats are used?

Concentrated and full bodied. Vanilla, coconut and smoke. New oak used for high quality fruit, chips or staves for entry level


Central Valley is in Chile and has what kind of climate? What is the volume of production? what is the wine like? As you go up in altitude, what happens to the wine?

Warm and dry

High yield

Soft, medium bodied wine designed for immediate consumption

The wine becomes 'fresher' as in less ripe


What is teh Stellenbosch region like? Describe the wine that Merlot is used for in Stellenboch

Stellenbosch is a mountainous region with a moderate to warm climate depending on altitude and is moderated by sea breezes from the south.

Merlot is used to make complex, age worthy Bordeaux blends


Where is notable Merlot produced in Australia? What is it blended with?

Margaret River as part of Cabernet blends


Where is the largest producer of Merlot in New Zealand? What is the climate like? What is the wine like and is it blended?

Hawke's Bay, moderate climate with plentiful rainfall.

Wine ranges from light and fruity to full bodied and long lived.

Single varietal or CS blend