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What climate is Nebbiolo grown in?



Describe the characteristics of Nebbiolo wine

Dry with high acidity, high tannins, medium to full bodied

pronounced red fruit (red cherry, red plum), dried herbs, floral character (rose, violet)


Nebbiolo is often matured for ___ time in oak to soften ___

Can producers use old oak or new oak?

Does Nebbiolo bottle age well? what characters does it develop?

extended, tannins


Yes, due to high acidity and high tannins

mushroom, leather, tobacco


Describe Barolo DOCG, where is it?

What is the wine like?

Name another region nearby that make similiar wine

Piemonte, a horseshoe shaped valley facing south with steep slopes

Full bodied, pronounced flavours, high level of tannin, acidity, bottle ages well

Barbaresco DOCG


Name and describe (simply) the denomination levels of italian wine

1. Vino a Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (DOCG)
More stringent version of DOC

2. Vino a Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC)
Specific, well defined region according to precise winemaking rules.
Cannot label grape variety

3. Indicazione Geografica Tipica (IGT) Created for Super Tuscans, equiv to Vin de Pays
Wine produced in a specific area

Vino da Tavola (VdT)
"Table wine"
lowest level, no vintage


What climate is Barbera grown in?

Describe the characteristics of Barbera wine

Moderate climates

Dry with high acidity, low to medium tannins, medium body.

Moderate red fruit (red cherries, red plums), sometimes black pepper


What are the maturation options of Barbera?

Usually unoaked, some choose to age for a time for complexity


Where is Barbera's greatest wine produced?

Barbera d'Asti


Compared to Nebbiolo, can Barbera be drunk earlier? Why?
What is a drawback of this?


Lower tannins

Less aging potential.


What climate is Sangiovese grown in?

Warm climates


Describe the characteristics of Sangiovese

Dry with high tannins, high acidity, medium to full bodied

Medium to pronounced flavours of red fruit (red cherries, red plums), dried herbs


What are the maturation and blending options of Sangiovese?

Often aged in oak to soften tannins, add complexity

Can be single varietal or blended with small amounts of other black grapes


Describe each of the categories of wines of Chianti, and the wines themselves

1. Chianti DOCG
largest by area, varied quality, simple, inexpensive, not intended for aging

2. Chianti Classico DOCG
Higher altitude, in the hills around Chianti. Has a longer growing season. Pronounced red fruit, dried herbs, often see oak and will mature in bottle to produce meat and leather '

Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG
Same as Chianti Classico, stricter aging requirements, will show tertiary flavours on release


What is Brunello di Montalcino like? What is the wine like?

Warm and sunny and more southerly.

Powerful, full bodied, pronounced, high acid, high tannin, must mature in oak for an extended time. Long aging potential


What climate is Montepulciano grown in? Where is the most famous wine from?

Warm climates

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC


What is Montepulciano wine like?

What are the maturation and blending options?

black fruit. dry, medium acidity, high tannins, light to medium body

Unoaked or matured in oak for a short time

not blended


What climate is Corvina grown in? What region is Corvina most associated with?

moderate climate, Valpolicella in the Veneto


Describe the wine of Corvina under Valpolicella DOC and Valpolicella Classico DOC

Light, full bodied, fruity, simple. Not matured, drink young

More body and concentration.


Describe the appassimento method. Which wine is made with Corvina in this method? What is this wine like?

Involved drying the grapes indoors to raisinate, concentrating the elements of the grape

full bodied, high alcohol, high tannin, pronounced fresh red fruit, dried fruit.


How is Recioto della Valpolicella DOCG made? Describe the wine

The apassimento method. Sweet red wine


What is a grape variety grown in both California and Puglia, what is it called in each region?

Zinfandel, Primitivo


What fruit flavours does zinfandel have?

Red fruit ripening to black fruit


Describe white Zinfandel. How is it made?

medium sweet rose, low alcohol, pink, red fruit.

Short maceration by removing the yeast with a filter


Describe red Zinfandel/Primitivo.
Why is it matured in oak?

dry, medium to high acidity, and tannin, pronounced black fruit, oak, full bodied.

To soften tannins and add complexity


Is Zinfandel blended?



Old vines produce low yields which can age in the bottle. What flavours develop from Zinfandel?

earth and meat