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Where is P and H?

- located in fertile, crescent shaped volcanic plain in southern Italy, Campania.
- Italy, close proximity to Rome (220km). The modern region/state of Campania.
- It is a coastal city in Bay/Gulf of Naples on Campanian coastline, where Mediterranean sea surrounds Italian peninsula.


What does P and H face?

the Tyrrhenian Sea, with wide sweep of Bay of Naples partially enclosed by peninsulas on its northern and southern extremities, and offshore island of Capreae and Pithecusae.


Where is rome in terms of H and P?

north of P and H.


What is the capital city of Campania?



Where/what is Pompeii?

SE of Mt Vesuvius, further away from coastline.
cosmopolitan city


Where/what is Herculaneum?

SW of Mt Vesuvius.
coastline city.


Where is Pompeii to Naples and why was it a popular place for Romans?

22km SE of Naples (Neopolis) in region Campania.
Popular among wealthier roman as place to escape the bustle of capital.


Where are the ruins on P located on?

spur formed by a lava flow to north of the mouth of Sarno River, about 8km from Mt Vesuvius.


Why is P located some distance inland?

due to volume of material deposited by AD 79 eruption. Ancient times, nearer to coast.


Where is Herculaneum to Naples and what modern towns are built over it?

approx 8km south of Naples. Modern towns of Ercolano (Formally Resina) and Portici built over ruins, buried to depth of 20m.


Distance of H from Mt Vesuvius and location now?

less than 5km from Mt Vesuvius and now located further inland than in antiquity same reason as P.