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What did the Romans refer to Campania as?

Campania 'Felix' (fortunate, blessed, happy)


What view did Pliny the Younger have on the area of Vesuvius?

a well known naturalist who lived in 1st century AD, agreed with Florus that Campania was 'one of the loveliest placed on earth... a fertile region so blessed with a pleasant scenery.' Pliny stated, "wonderful and life-sustaining and healthy atmosphere that lasts all year through, embracing a climate so mild..."


5 reasons why ppl of Rome would want to live in Vesuvian area?

- temperate climate
- beauty
- close proximity to Rome
- Fertile soils
- abundant sea life
- prime position for trade

main reasons why continually occupied despite volcanic activity


Why was the Vesuvian area so fertile, according to Strabo?

as affected by fire, with "porous hollows of rocks blackened on the surface" and covered with ash. Ash and volcanic material make soil fertile with temperate climate


What does Florus mean when he states there is "competition between Liber and Ceres"?

highlight the desirability of land form beauty and fertile lands. May also represent how due to being an important agricultural centre/fertile soils, the land could either be covered with wheat or vine to make wine, causing competition between Liber (god of fertility and wine) and Cere (goddess of wheat and fertility).
Fertility gods = land fertile, fight over it


What does a wall painting in the House of Centenary show?

Bacchus covered in grapes on the left and Mt Vesuvius in centre. Owner of house may have put painting in lararium to illustrate what they value most, Vesuvius=fertile soils and production of wine= Bacchus, may indicate household had commercial links with wine trade pr major part of society.
Mt V in religion/god painting may represent worship of it, Pray for plentiful harvest


What do all the sources of Florus, Strabo and wall painting in House of Centenary agree with?

agree that Vesuvius and surrounding are are high fertility of land, beauty of region, strong connection to wine/agriculture industry.


Benefits of location of P?

occupied largest of spurs, giving it commadinf position overlooking mouth of Sarno River and the ea.
Caught breezes from both sea and mountains, tempering heat of summer days.


benefits of location of H?

on coast of Bay of Naples built on steeply sloping spur of land, benefited from moderating influence of sea and caught breeze of SW.
view from houses built on terraces made it ideal resort town.
STRABO- commented on that nowhere could period of residence and leisure be more agreeable.


what are grown in rockier areas?

olives of high quality for oil and perfume


what kinds of things grown in area?

variety of fruit such as peaches and cherries
cabbages and onions

southern end of Bay of Naples, flocks of sheep for P with wool for textile production


What features abundant agricultural production of area in P?

wall painting and mosaics


What does the volcano provide in terms of architecture?

pumice stone exported, lava used in stone mills for grinding grain and pressing olives
diff types of volcanic material, e.g. tuffa, used for buildings and other types for paving roads


what did the bay provide?

no. of safe anchorages for trading and fishing fleet - seafood resources

rich water of bay support thriving fish and shellfish industry -> garum


What did the double shaped basin of bay make?

perfect natural harbour, reinforced during Ausgustus reign, making it main naval station of Roman fleet