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from the a(1,4) terminal chains of glycogen

brnaching enzyme removes a 7 residue grafment from chaisn of at least ___ residues

11 (needs 4 left over)


branching enzymes converts from the a(1,4) terminal chains of glycogen to a ___ chain of glycogen

a(1-6) glycogen chain


this introduces a branch, so now have 3 branches instead of 2


Glycogen polymers may contain up to___ Glu units each 



Glycogen polymers contribute up to ___ of the rotal mass of 10% of th eottal mass of the liver

10 percent


When Glu is needed, Phosphorylase breaks the glycosidic bond at the end of a Glycogen chain by addition of 

a phosphate to give G1P


how long can glucose be removed from glycogen?


until terminal glucose on the chain is within 4 residues of a branch point where steric hinderance prevents further digestion by Phosphorylase


• Debranching enzyme transfers a ____ from the stub to the C4 hydroxyl at the end of another branch



two functions of debranching enzyme?

1. transfers a trisaccharide froms tub  of c4 gtdroxyl at the end of another branch

2. also cleaves the reamin a,16 glu by hydrolysis


difference betw Phsophoglucomutase  in conversion of G1P to G6P and  Phosphoglycerate Mutase in conversion of 3PG to 2PG?

Ser-P intermediate instead of His-P in Phsophylycomutase


cost of temproailry storing glu in glycogen in muscle/liver

from g6p -> glycogen -> g6p