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In the Haz Mat setting what is the First Responding Officer's size up consist of?



In the ERG what do the different colored sections represent?

White - How to use the guide
Yellow - List in numerical order
Blue - List in alphabetical order
Orange - Guide pages
Green - Initial isolation for TIH and materials which produce TIH when
spilled in water
White - Protective clothing, fire and spill control, WMD information,
glossary, emergency response phone numbers


What does TIH stand for?

Toxic Inhalation Hazards


If you can't read the ID marking of the chemical what guide page number do you use?



If the guide number is highlighted in the yellow section what does that mean?

The chemical is a TIH.
-If there is no fire refer to the Green section
-If there is a fire then refer to the Orange section


What does it mean if there is a P next to the number?

The chemical is a polymer


In an intermodal container what does it mean if there is a X by the top number?

The chemical will react to water


How many classes of DOT Hazard Classes are there?



What are the DOT Hazard Classes?

1. Explosives
2. Gases
3. Flammable Liquids
4. Flammable Solids
5. Oxidizers
6. Toxic Substances
7. Radioactive
8. Corrosives
9. Miscellaneous Hazards


With DOT Hazards what does the abbreviation LC stand for?

Lethal Concentration


Confined Space is defined as being what?

-Large enough and so configured that a person can enter and perform work

-Has limited means for entry and exit

-Is not designed for continuous occupancy


A permit is required with what type of confined spaces?

-Contain, or has the potential to contain, a hazardous atmosphere
-Contains a material that has potential for engulfing an entrant
-Has an internal configuration such that an entrant could be trapped or asphyxiated
-Contains any other recognized safety or health hazard


Non-techical evacuations for rope rescue is what maximum inclination?

Technical evacuations for rope rescue is what minimum inclination?

Non-technical is less than 40 degrees

Technical is more than 40 degrees


In trench rescue what size safety perimeter should be established?

At least 500 feet


What is the rescue perimeter for trench rescue?

35-50 feet


How far should any running vehicles be with a trench rescue?

At least 75 feet


With auto extrication how big of an area should the action circle be?

10-15 feet around the vehicle


How big should the outer circle be with auto extrication?

20-25 feet