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Definition of a MCI

Any incident that leaves responding units feeling overwhelmed and in need of additional resources (number of patients, extrication issues, hazards present)


When is a MCI declared with TFD?

When there are a confirmed 7 or more ALS patients


What is the balance of a MCI dispatch?

1 BC
1 EC
3 EN
3 PM


What is the primary responsibility of Treatment?

Supervision in locating, supplying, and managing suitable treatment areas considering the following
-safety of providers and patients
-as far from the incident as necessary considering nature of the incident and surroundings
-Upwind, uphill


Primary responsibility of Triage?

Overall management and responsibility for patient assessment and placement within Treatment consistent with START triage system


Primary purpose of MEDCOM?

Communicate with medical facilities and dispatch


Do transport units do telemetries during a MCI?

No, only MEDCOM will do any communication with the hospitals


What is the name of the MCI patient tracking system used by TFD?

EM Track / EM Resource