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What are the different types of exposures?

- Air-borne respiratory
- Blood-borne
- OPIM (other possible infectious materials)
- Hazardous materials


For air-borne exposure how close do personnel have to be within the patient?

Within 6 feet


What kind of exposure would be described as:
"when someone knowingly attempts to infect a firefighter to their disease"

Criminal Intent


How many different types of consent forms are there and what are they?

4 different forms

- Yellow - airborne
- Blue - Criminal Intent
- Green - Consent for HIV testing
- Red - No consent for HIV testing


How soon after a exposure do you have to get the blood draws from the patient to the testing site? And what is the name of the testing site?

Sonora Quest and within 1 hour


What are the steps taken for an injury to an employee?

1. Determine the level of injury
2. First aid or transport if needed
3. Make notifications
-contact DMT
-contact Well America
-based on severity have Comm contact Central Safety
4. Paperwork
-SRI Form 100 part A (electronic)
-SRI Form 100 part B given to the employee to have filled out by the treating physician
5. All paperwork emailed to TFD_exposure_injuries
-Have the EC hand deliver all paperwork including memos, SRI part B, and IDN to Fire HR


If involved in a MVA who should be notified?

-Fire Alarm
-Deputy 6
-Maintenance Supervisor
-On call mechanic
-First aid if needed


If an injury happens during a MVA who do you send all electronic paperwork to?



What set of circumstances must be met before an employee must submit to a urine test after an accident?

- The accident involves a fatality (Must go get tested)

- The driver receives a citation AND
-injury treated AWAY from the scene
-vehicle have to be towed away from the scene
-supervisor has reasonable suspicion


What are the 3 steps of the Accident Investigation?

1. Information Collection

2. Analysis and reconstruction

3. Recommendations