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What is the purpose of the employee appraisal?

Provides for periodic assessment of employee performance


If an employee has not received a performance appraisal within ______ of the due date may give written notice to the _______ that the appraisal has not been done

2 weeks

department director


If an employee does not agree with an appraisal what recourse do they have?

They can file a rebuttal within 30 days


If notified by an employee that they have not received their appraisal, the director shall ensure that an appraisal is issued within ____ days

30 days


The continuing process of knowing what employees are doing and how well they are doing them

Evaluating Employee Performance


What extra information will you need to fill out the performance appraisal?

-Payroll number
-Correct spelling of the name and middle initial
-Current step in compensation plan
-Reporting period dates
-Drivers license number and exp. date
-EMT/PM number and exp. date
-ACLS/CPR ecp. date


What types of evaluations are there?

-Probationary Field Performance Record (daily evaluation)
-Probationary Firefighter Evaluation (every 2 months)
-Annual evaluations (all ranks)

-probationary modules have replaced 2 month evals except for FF


At each appraisal the supervisor will recommend one of the following:

- the employee shall be allowed to continue their probation

-the employee successfully completes probation

-the should not be allowed to continue to complete their probation


What does a Special Evaluation do?

-Reflects and formally records employee performance of exceptionally high quality
-Records unusual and/or address job performance problems
-Monitor progress of work improvement plans (WIP)


The appraisal should be:

-Accurate / Objective



-Set goals and motivate


How many categories are there on the Performance Appraisal and what are they?

5 categories

-Exceeds Standards
-Meets Standards
-Improvement Needed
-Does Not Meet Standards


What levels of the Performance Appraisal require a Work Improvement Plan?

-Does not meet standards
-Needs improvement


Can probation be extended for work improvement? What can probation be extended for?

No. Probation can only be extended if they had more than 3 weeks off (A/C etc.)


Are evaluations grievable or appealable?



Who is the last person to sign the evaluation?

The employee. No changes are to be made to the evaluation after the employee signs it


What policies are to be initialed by the employee at the end of the evaluation?

-Drug and alcohol policy
-COT internet and e-mail policy
-City and department driver's license policy
-City and department's EEO policy


How many copies of the evaluations are made and what is the distribution of them?

3 copies
-employee, station file, Fire HQ

4 copies
-employee, station file, 2 to Fire HQ (1 goes to HR)