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Examples of developing health

  • decrease risk of developing heart disease/ suffering a stroke
  • avoidance of high/low blood pressure
  • avoidance of high/low blood pressure
  • decreased risk of developing the 2 diabetes
  • decreases risk of obesity
  • decreases risk of osteoporosis
  • improves mental health
  • decreases risk of some cancers e.g breast cancer

Physical benefits

  • improves posture/ body shape/ body tone due to worthy loss
  • improves cardiovascular fitness/ muscular strength/ muscular endurance
  • improves flexibility/ agility/balance/co- ordination
  • improves speed/ power/ reaction time

Social benefits

  • exercise causes the body to release chemicals such as serotonin and endorphins which have a calming affect and enable a person to feel happier/better themselves. They may have a more positive outlook on life
  • improved sleep patterns result from participation in regular exercise, which can enhance a persons mood in a relationship
  • The boost in a persons mood can also improve their concentration, which allows a clearer focus on social relationships
  • The boost in a persons confidence and self-esteem increases which can improve participation in sport
  • physical activity is a positive way of using free time which can help people keep out of trouble