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Regular physical activity protects the body from

Stress, injury, illness, disease, and other health issues


Five components of health-related fitness

Cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, body composition


Cardiorespiratory Fitness

-Benefits the heart and lungs
-increases stamina, metabolism, and oxygen ciruculation
-improved blood flow helps the body's chemical processes to function more efficiently, consuming fat and calories faster and allowing muscles to receive more oxygen to function better
-stretches and strengthens joints and tendons


Examples of cardiorespiratory exercises

Jogging, swimming, cycling, aerobics


For greater health benefits,

Mix strenuous and non-strenuous activities


Musular strength

Amount of force muscles produce


Muscular endurance

Ability to repeatedly use muscles without tiring


Musuclar fitness

-strength training
-stronger muscles allows body to move easier while burning additional calories and fat with each activity


Examples of muscular fitness activities

Push-ups, pull-ups, gymnastics, weight-lifting, swimming, running, rowing



Increases range of movement in joints, whichcan improve athletic performance, decrease risk of injury, and minimize sore muscles
-helps maintain good posture and healthy joints
-stretching increases blood flow to muscles to power their movements


Examples of flexibility activities

Stretches (i.e. Toe-touches, shoulder stretches), yoga, gymnastics


Body Composition

Percentage of body fat as compared to lean muscle and bone
-some fat is necessary for the body to function properly
-combination of cardiorespiratory activity, strength training, stretching, and healthy nutrition
-reduce strain on muscles, joints, and cardiovascular system
-strength training can increase the amount of lean muscle tissue
-cardio can burn fat


Paul's doctor says his cardiorespiratory fitness level is excellent, but she worries about Paul's muscular fitness. Paul enjoys gymnastics, baseball, biking, and yoga. Increasing the frequency of which activity will best improve Paul's muscular fitness? (3 points)







Janelle's doctor warned her that she has extremely high blood pressure, which can lead to a variety of dangerous health problems. Which of the following should she increase in her weekly schedule to specifically address this health issue?

Participating in an aerobics class

Increasing her weightlifting

Adding more hours of sleep

Participating in yoga class

Participating in an aerobics class


Which type of activity can help a person burn more fat?

Strength training



Weight lifting



Janna used to go biking every other afternoon with her sister, but she had to stop this because she started an afterschool job. What consequence will Janna experience over time if she does not find a similar activity to replace the biking?

Decrease in aerobic capacity

Decrease in range of motion

Decrease in muscular strength

Decrease in blood pressure

decrease in aerobic capacity


Natalia started an exercise program that includes stretching daily and yoga three times each week. What area of fitness is Natalia targeting, and what is her potential for improvement in this area based on her fitness program?

Body composition; she is on track to significantly improve in this area based on this program

Cardiovascular endurance; she will never reach this goal unless she adds weightlifting to her routine

Flexibility; she is on track to significantly improve this area of fitness by sticking with this program

Muscular strength; she will only improve in this area if she adds cardio to her workout schedule