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Frances Perkins

America's 1st female cabinet member; Secretary of Labor


Mary McLeod Bethune

An educator who dedicated herself to promoting opportunities for young African Americans.


Grant wood

Painted American gothic; one of the most famous portrayals of America's rural life during the Great Depression.


Richard wright

American author that wrote native son that depicted black urban life.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt

President during the Great Depression. He was a distant cousin of Theodore Roosevelt. He was governor of New York.


Eleanor Roosevelt

Social reformer who combined her deep humanitarian impulses with great political skills. She was Franklin D. Roosevelt's wife.


Huey long

Louisiana governor who devised the "share our wealth" program, which would provide homes and income to all Americans.


John collier

Commissioner of Indian affairs. He helped create the Indian reorganization act of 1934.


Gone with the wind

The most famous film of the 1930s, and one of the most popular of all time. It was about the south during the civil war.


Orson Welles

An actor, director, producer, writer. Created one of the most renowned radio broadcasts of all time "The War of The Worlds." He got In trouble for trying to hoax America about Martians


John Steinbeck

Wrote the novel grapes of wrath based on the Great Depression about the fortunes of a poor family as they traveled from the dust bowl region to California.


Phillip Randolph

Organized the countries 1st all black trade union, the brotherhood of sleeping car porters.