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How many votes did Hindenburg receive in the MARCH 1932 presidential election?

Hindenburg got 18 million votes


How many votes did Hitler receive in the MARCH 1932 presidential election?

Hitler got 11 million votes


Why was another election held in April, 1932?

No one candidate received 50%. Therefore another election was called.


How many votes did Hindenburg receive in the APRIL 1932 presidential election?

Hindenburg got 19 million votes (a 50% majority - therefore re-elected)


How many votes did Hitler receive in the APRIL 1932 presidential election and why was this significant?

Hitler got 13 million votes - this showed he was a major political figure in Germany


Why did right-wing groups move to bring down Chancellor Bruning in April 1932?

Bruning had tried to ban the SA and SS using a presidential decree in an attempt to control the Nazis


How did General von Schleicher persuade Hindenburg to remove Bruning from the chancellorship?

By persuading him that the right-wing coalition of landowners, industrialists and army officers had a majority in the Reichstag


Who became chancellor in May 1932 as Bruning's replacement?

Franz von Papen


What did Von Schliecher think about the Nazis?

That they were 'merely children who had to be led by the hand'


In July 1932, when the Nazis won 230 seats and became the largest party, what did Hitler demand of Hindenburg?

That Hindenburg sack Von Papen and appoint Hitler as chancellor


Why did Hindenburg refuse to Hitler's demands initially?

Hindenburg hated Hitler and did not trust him to be chancellor


Why did von Papen call another election in 1932? What was the outcome?

He believed Nazi support was declining. He was right - they only won 196 seats. However, they were still the largest party. Without Hitler's support, von Papen could not control the Reichstag. Therefore von Papen had to resign.


Who is appointed chancellor in December to succeed von Papen?

General von Schliecher


What did von Schliecher believe about Hitler and the Nazis by late 1932?

He believed the movement was fading. He said, 'Herr Hitler is no longer a problem; his movement is a thing of the past.'


Why was von Schliecher forced to resign?

He consistently could not achieve a majority in the Reichstag.


What did von Papen believe about Hitler that persuaded Hindenburg to appoint him chancellor?

That Hitler could be controlled - von Papen said he could 'make Hitler squeak'


When was Hitler appointed chancellor?

30 January 1933