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In what ways were the Nazi ideals opposed to the values of Christianity?

- Nazis glorified strength and violence; Christianity focuses on love and forgiveness
- Nazis hated the weak; Christianity helps the weak
- Nazis believed in racial superiority; Christianity teaches respect for all people
- Nazis saw Hitler as a god-like figure; Christians believes in God


Why did Hitler see the Catholic Church as a particular threat?

- Catholics were loyal to the Pope, not to Hitler
- Catholic schools and youth groups spread messages (love, forgiveness etc.) which was at odds with Nazi views
- Catholics supported the Centre Party - a party Hitler wanted to remove


What was the concordat?

An agreement between Hitler and the Pope that the Pope would stay out of politics if Hitler did not interfere with the Church


When was the concordat signed?

July 1933


How did Hitler break the concordat?

Within a few months:
- priests were harassed and arrested - many ended up in concentration camps for criticising the Nazis
- Catholic schools were interfered with and eventually abolished
- Catholic youth movements were shut down
- Monasteries were closed


What were the Protestants who supported Hitler called?

'Germany Christians'


Who led the German Christians?

Ludwig Muller - became Reich bishop (national leader) in September 1933


What was the group of Protestants called who OPPOSED the Nazis?

The Confessional Church


Who was the leader of the Confessional Church?

Pastor Martin Niemoller


What happened eventually to Martin Niemoller and the Confessional Church?

In 1937 Niemoller was arrested and put in a concentration camp (along with about 800 fellow ministers). The Confessional Church was banned.


When was the Confessional Church set up?