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What happened to Germany's armed forces?

Armed reduced to 100,000 (internal use only)
No submarines
No air force - existing air force destroyed
Navy limited to 6 battleships, 12 destroyers, 6 cruisers, 12 torpedo boats. Rest of the fleet destroyed.


What happened to the Rhineland?

It was demilitarised (German forces could not enter the Rhineland - which bordered France)


What happened to Germany's 11 colonies?

They were lost


How much did Germany have to pay in reparations to France and Belgium?

£6,600million (agreed on in 1921) or 136,000 million marks


What region was lost to France?

Alsace and Lorraine


Which areas were lost to Belgium?

Eupen and Malmedy


Which lands were lost to Poland?

Posen and West Prussia (divided Germany in two)


What is a plebiscite and were where they held?

A public vote on whether that area should Germany. Upper Silesia voted to become part of Poland. Northern Schleswig decided to become part of Denmark.


What happened to the port of Danzig?

It was made an international city - not governed by Germany


What was decided about the Saar coalfields?

Their output (considerable) would go to France for 15 years


How much land did Germany lose?

13% of its European territory


What percentage of iron and coal did Germany lose?

50% of its iron and 15% of its coal reserves