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What was 'Strength through Joy' (KdF)?

An organisation to replace trade unions. The KdF offered leisure activities to ordinary workers at low prices


What are some of the examples of things activities offered by the KdF?

- concerts
- theatres visits
- museum tours
- sporting events
- holidays
- cruises


What was meant by 'Beauty of Work' (SdA)?

'Beauty of Work' (SdA) was a department of the KdF that tried to improve working conditions.


What are some of the ways in which the SdA (Beauty of Work) tried to improve working conditions?

- organised building of canteens, swimming pools and sports facilities
- installed better lighting in the work place


What is meant by 'Volkswagen'?

People's car


What was the Volkswagen scheme?

A scheme started in 1938 by the Labour Front where workers could subscribe 5 marks a week to a fund eventually allowing them to get a car


What did weekly wages rise from between 1932 and 1938?

86 marks per week in 1932 to 109 marks per week in 1938


What was the Volkswagen swindle?

The Volkswagen scheme was a con-trick. By 1939, when WWII started, not a single customer had taken delivery of a car.


How did the cost of living change between 1933 and 1939?

The cost of food prices rose by roughly 20%


By 1939, did industrial workers generally worker more or fewer hours per week?

More: 47 hours per week by 1939, compared with 42.9 in 1933.


Why did the banning of trade unions make workers worse off?

Workers were banned from organising strikes or working together to try and get better pay or shorter hours