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How many seats did the Nazis win in May 1928?



How many seats did the Nazis win in July 1932?



How many seats did the Communists win in May 1928?



How many seats did the Communists win in July 1932?



What were some of Hitler's campaign promises in 1930 and 1932?

- Unite the country
- Restore social order
- Be a strong leader
- force other nations to scrap ToV
- Restore German national pride


How many troops did the SA have by 1930?



How did the Nazis use the SA to gain electoral support?

- used at Nazi Party rallies to show the strength, discipline and organisation of the party
- the SA were used to whip up feeling of hope for the future
- the SA were used to disrupt opposition parties and intimidate voters into voting for the Nazis


Why did the working-classes support the Nazis?

- they liked the Nazis focus on 'traditional values'
- the Nazis promised 'Work and Bread' in their campaign posters
- the Nazis stressed the 'Workers' part in the origin of their party (DAP = German Workers' Party)


Who else did the working classes support?

The communists - The Nazis never had complete support of working people


What sort of people made up the 'middle classes'?

Teachers, lawyers, doctors, professionals


Why did many middle class people support the Nazis?

- The Depression had wiped out their savings or hurt their businesses, they saw Hitler as a strong leader who could help the country recover
- They were afraid of the Communist Party because the communists wanted to abolish private property and private businesses
- They believed there was 'moral decline' in Germany - sexual openness and more drinking. They believed the Nazis would reverse this trend


Why did many farmers support the Nazis?

They feared that if the communists took power their land would be taken away from them. Hitler promised to protect them from the Communist Party.


Who did big businesses traditionally support?

The National Party


Why did big businesses support the Nazis after the National Party declined after 1929?

Big businesses believed Hitler was the best hope of protection against the Communist Party


How did the Nazis gain from the support of big businesses?

- Businessmen like Krupp and Benz gave significant amounts of money to the Nazi Party
- Alfred Hugenberg, a newspaper tycoon, allowed Goebbels to use his newspaper for propaganda


Why did young people like Hitler?

They were attracted by his passion, enthusiasm and promises to make Germany great again


Why did women increasingly like Hitler?

Nazi propaganda emphasised that a Nazi Government would be best for families