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What was a central part of Nazi policy?

The creation of a pure German state. This meant treating all non-German groups - Jews in particular - as second-class citizens.


What is meant by 'untermenschen'?

Subhumans - used to refer to Jews and Slavs


How did Nazi propaganda portray Jews?

Nazi propaganda portrayed Jews as evil moneylenders.


What physical characteristics were 'Aryan'?

Blonde, blue-eyed, tall, athletic


How did Hitler aim to create a master race?

- Selective breeding (e.g. SS men were only allowed to marry Aryan women)
- By destroying the Jews


Why was Nazi persecution of Jews initially limited (1933-35)?

Hitler needed to ensure he had the support of majority of the public before passing radical anti-Semitic laws


What is meant by anti-Semitic?



What examples of anti-Semitic laws were passed in 1933?

- Nazi boycotts of Jewish businesses
- Jews were banned from government jobs
- Jews were banned from inheriting land


What examples of anti-Semitic laws were passed in 1935?

- Jews were banned from the army
- Jews were banned from restaurants


When were the Nuremberg Laws passed?

15 September 1935


What were the two key parts of the Nuremberg Laws?

1) Only those of German blood were considered German citizens. Jews were not allowed to vote, hold government jobs, or have German passports
2) Jews were forbidden from marrying German citizens


What examples of anti-Semitic laws were passed in 1938?

- Jews had to register all possessions, making it easier for the govt. to confiscate them
- They had to carry an identity card with a large J (for Jew) stamped on it
- Jewish doctors, dentists and lawyers were forbidden to work for white Aryan Germans
- Jewish children were no longer allowed in German schools


When did 'forced emigration' begin?

Forced emigration begun in 1939


What was the idea behind 'forced emigration'?

Forced emigration attempted to rid Germany of Jews by forcing them to move abroad. (There was, at one point, an idea to send them to Madagascar.)


Which govt. department was in charge of 'forced emigration'?

The Reich Office for Jewish Emigration - led by Rienhard Heydrich


Where were many Jews forced to live from 1939 onwards?

In ghettos - often in Poland following Germany's invasion in 1939. Jews could be evicted from their rented homes.


Which other minorities were persecuted by the Nazis, apart from Jews?

Slavs, Gypsies, Africans, homosexuals, the disabled


Under the Nazi regime, how many people with physical or learning disabilities were sterilised?

700,000 people were sterilised (so they could not reproduce and weaken the German bloodline)