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What was Josef Goebbels full job title?

Minister for Public Propaganda and Enlightenment


What did Goebbels say about propaganda?

'The finest kind of propaganda does not reveal itself'


How were newspapers censored?

- Non-Nazi newspapers were shut down
- Editors were told what they could print
- Sometimes, journalists were told what they should write


Where did the Nazis hold their annual rally?

Nuremberg (southern Germany)


Why were Nuremberg rallies effective propaganda?

They showed how strong, organised and disciplined the Nazi regime was


How were radios uses to spread propaganda?

- All radios were placed under Nazi control
- Cheap, mass-produced radios were placed across the country, such as in cafes and factories so the Nazi message could be heard


How big were cinema audiences in 1933?

Over 250 million


What did film makers have to do from 1934 onwards?

Send their plots to Goebbels for approval


Give an example of a pro-Nazi film

Hitlerjunge Quex


What preceded all films in Nazi Germany?

A 45 minutes official newsreel which glorified Hitler and Germany's achievements


How were books censored?

- Many writers were forced or persuaded to write pro-Nazi books
- Students burned 20,000 books written by Jews, communists and anti-Nazi professors in a massive bonfire in May 1933


How did the Nazis censor universities?

- Anti-Nazi professors lost their jobs (3000 were dismissed between 1933 and 1938)
- Academic research was directed by the Ministry of Education. Publications were expected to align with Nazi views.


What year were the Berlin Olympics?



What was the capacity of the Olympic stadium?

110,000 people - the largest in the world at the time.


Why did the Nazis build such a large stadium for the Olympics?

To show off to the world the power of Germany


In what ways was the Berlin Olympics a success for the Nazis?

- Germany topped the medal table (33 golds)
- All filming was under the direction of Leni Riefenstahl (a Nazi supporter). This meant the Nazis could control what people saw.
- Anti-semitic signs were removed so foreign visitors got a positive image of Germany


What happened at the Olympics that undermined the Nazi regime?

Jesse Owens, a black American athlete, won four gold medals, proving Aryan superiority to be a myth.