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HIV is ________ (enveloped/nonenveloped), _____ (ds/ss), ______ (DNA/RNA) virus.

enveloped, ss, RNA


What is the docking glycoprotein of HIV?



What cell classification is the initial infection target of HIV?

APCs (dendritic cells, langerhans, macrophages)


Why are females more susceptible to HIV contraction than men during vaginal intercourse?

There is a high [APC] in vaginal mucosa when compared to the penis.


A _________ (circumscribed/uncircumscribed) male has a higher risk of infecting their partner?

Uncircumscribed - the highest concentration of HIV is found in the frenulum


What is the site of initial viral replication of HIV?

local lymph nodes


During the clinically latent period viral load is roughly ______ (stable/declining/increasing) and CD4 count is roughly ________ (stable/declining/increasing).

stable, declining


What are the binding patterns of HIV to CD4 cells?

HIV - gp120 to CD4 on T cell
HIV - gp120 co receptor to CCR 5 / CXCR 4 on T cell


What is the role of gp 41 in HIV infection?

It first tightens the adhesion after gp 120 and co receptor binding, then facilitates fusion of the HIV virion and CD 4 cell by folding in on itself.


What is the role of Vpr in infection?

It facilitates HIV DNA (post reverse transcriptase) transport to the nucleus.


What specific step of HIV infection results in life long infection of a T cell and what protein inherent to HIV is responsible for this step?

Integration (performed by integrase) into the host cell DNA results in that cell's life long infection.


What role does Vpu play in HIV infection?

It degrades CD4 and tetherin, resulting in avoidance of a cells auto infection.


What are the 8 steps in HIV replication and the major proteins involved in each (where applicable)?

1. Attach/enter: gp 120, gp 41 bind to CD4 and CCR5/CXCR4
2. Uncoding RNA --> DNA: Reverse transcriptase
3. Transport to nucleus: Vpr
4. Integration into host DNA: Integrase
5. Transcription of Host + HIV DNA
6. Translation of host + HIV RNA
7. Assembly of HIV: Nef
8. Release: Protease


What are the screening and diagnostic tests for HIV infection?

Screening: ELISA
Diagnostic: Western Blot (must have all proteins tested)


About how long does it take to seroconvert post HIV infection?

A couple of months


What are the 4 steps of HIV infection that are targeted by Rx?

1. Cell entry
2. Uncoding
3. Integration
4. Protease