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Imperialism applied -

Europeans try to control Africa for its natural resources and Asia for it silk and spices


Powder keg -

Barrel with gunpowder that blows up easy; metaphor for blocan region (Europe) Franz Ferdinand assassination blows it up


Background causes to the war -

Economic rivalry: competition for materials and markers
Colonialism: territorial disputes (European countries that want & take parts of Africa)
Alliances: countries that pledge to help each other in war
Nationalism: pride in ones country, and sometime bias to other countries
Militarism: policy of glorifying way & keeping an army ready


Triple Entente (allies) -

France, Britain, Russia & eventually Italy


Triple Alliance (Central Powers) -

Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy (who leaves)


Imperialism -

Seizure of a country by a stronger country
Ex: Everyone fighting over Africa and Asia


Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

Heir of the Austria-Hungary throne who took a trip to Bosnia and was killed by Gavrilo Princip (a Serbian) which factored into starting war.


Schlieffen plan

Germany's plan for attacking, defeating France and rushing to fight Russia but failed, had the first battle of the Marne, and retreated.


What did the Schlieffen plan depend on?

Germany's speed
Russia's inability to move & have enough supplies


Repercussions of imperialism

Has left some of the countries with bad economies