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what 5 factors should an u/w consider when underwriting foreign residence or travel?

1. life expectancy-
2. violence
3. accidental death
4. murder rates
5. death as a results of military conflict


what report is released by the US state department reporting the list of US citizen deaths abroad by such causes as drowinign accident, homicide, MVA, drug, terrorist, other

US citizen deaths from non-natural causes by foreign country.


where would one see a dramatic difference between country country (category of fatality)

disease rates (HIV)


What countries have the highest prevalence for HIV/AIDS?

swaziland and botswana.


What are the prevalence rates for HIV/AID in US and CAD and germany?

0.60% US
0.30% CAN
0.10% GERM


What is the top 3 countries with the highest life expectancy?

1. monaco (89)
2. MAcau (84)
2. San MArino (83)


what are the top 3 countries with the lowest life expectancy?

Angola (38)
afghanistan (45)
nigeria (47)


what are some challenges faced when travelling with a known serious medical condition?

stress and strain can exacerbate medical impairements, with lack of high quality medical care.


what is one problem that arrises from long international flights?

1. pulmonary embolism, from sitting for a long time during flights.


how many people in 2012 travelled outside of their own country?

51% consist of travel to european countries


how does the country's political situation impact mortality?

d/t violence, corruption, terrorism, guerrilla movement, and military conflict in the country


should cultural and ethnic differences be considered when living abroad? why?

yes, d/t lack of familiar or looking conspicuous, and exposed to dangers. In many countries


what occupations are considered high risk in for foreign travel? and why?

missionaries, government officials, journalists, judicial personal, have been singled out for violence in some countries.


safety, stability and general well being of a country is affected by what conditions?

social and economic. wide scale countries tend to have the shortest life expectancies.


how does socio-economic divisions impact mortality

divisions foster class hatred, instability, crime and outbreaks of violence, while decreasing chances of improvement.


how does infrastructure and transportation impact mortality?

variation in ability to provide safe, dependable and easily accessable transportations for citizens and visitors. unreliable transport can be dangerous in cases of medical emergency.


what can be expected from MVA fatalities accross the world for the upcoming years?

decrease in industrial countries, and 80% increase everywhere else.


what is an important component of measuring mortality risk assessment in any country?

the access to adequate medical care.


who ranks the world's health care system from best to worst?

- there is a realtion between the health care system and life expectancy tables


which countries rank highest in both heath care systems and life expectancy?

those that have national program of universal health care in effect.


name 5 geographical factors that may affect a countries ability to access medical services?

1. quality of medical services (re-use equipment, not tkaing proper protocol)
2. population density (overcrowded, vs. remote)
3. local environment (pollution, emissions, water)
4. climat and altitude changes
5. natural disasters.


what is important to consider when u/w a foreing risk (getting started) ?

visa status
expected foreing travel or residence


what 5 questions should be included on a foreign travel questionnaire?

1. citenzenship
2. visa type
3. anticipated foreign travel or residence in next 24 months
4. specific countrieds as well as destinations within each country
5. duration, dates and purpose of travel


what is a new legislation that has been issued as a directive considering travel?

it is restricted/ prevented to u/w foreign travel .


when applying for an immigrant visa at the US embassy there is preference given to who?

1. people who have close family members who are US citizen (spouse, parents, children)
2. workers with special occuaptions that are needed in the country
3. individuals engaged to american citizens.


what are the 3 basic classes of admissible immagrants in canada's legislations?

1. Family class0
2. Convention refugees (people who fleed and cant return)
3.Economic class (skilled workers, investors, entrepreneurs, self-employed persons)


which admissible immigrant class (CANADA) is assessed using a point system that alloys points for criteria such as education, proficiency (languages), experience, age, arranged employment, network, and adaptability?

Economic class


how does a foreign national enter canada?

1. obtain visa
2. pass examination
3. provide bona fide doccuments


how would a foreign national be considered inadmissible?

criminal reasons, health reasons, financial reasons, or misrepresentation on application form


what happens to those in the US who do not qualify for legal permanent residence status?

non-immigrant visas are issued. ex [ H1B, L1, E1, F1, B1/B2)