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Calabria General info

Calabria is the toe of the Italian boot; like its neighbors it is covered in mountains, dividing the region climatically between the hot Mediterranean coast and the more continental, higher-altitude interior.

Famous throughout antiquity and the Middle Ages, most Calabrian wine today exists at the same high alcohol but low quality level that characterizes much southern Italian wine, although a few conscientious growers buck the trend of indifferent wine.

Calabria's production is nearly double that of neighboring Basilicata. 


Important DOC of Calabria?

Ciro DOC
- great Gaglioppo based reds

Melissa DOC
- great Greco based whites

Greco di Bianco DOC
- Passito bianco only!


Other DOC of Calabria:

Lameza DOC

Bivongi DOC

Savuto DOC

S. Anna di Isola Capo Rizzuto

Terre de Consenzia DOC
- 7 sub-zones; super complicated DOC


Main Red grape of Calabria?


- Was thought to be genetically linked to to Morellino clone of Sangiovese, but it is was proven to be identical to Morellino Pizzuto which is a different grape.
- aka: Arvino (in the Savuto DOC of Calabria)


Main White grape of Calabria?


- White grapes account for less than 10% of Calabrian wine.
- the best examples may be found in the Melissa DOC.

- Greco di Bianco DOC principally produces sweet wines from the Greco grape, which is often partially dried prior to fermentation.

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