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Manifest Destiny

the belief that the united states' destiny was to expand to the Pacific Ocean


temperance movement

push for abstinence and abolition of alcohol. Irish and German immigrants oppose



religious group founded by Joseph Smith. they decided to move west because they were not supported because they were against slavery and supported polygamy



challenge materialism and industrialization. focus on nature and gods influence on nature. popular people: emerson and thoreau
worried about materialism
very environmental, Massachusetts or the north


second great awakening

religious revival that starts in New England moves west. reaction to enlightenment and transcendentalism. individual can be saved thru their own efforts and faith


black hawk war

illinois and iowa were putting pressure on the natives to move west of the Mississippi River. natives rebelled against the forced movement


gag rule

could not talk about slavery in congress so it couldnt be abolished


american system

henry clays system of protective tariffs and federal supported internal iprovements
non supporters favored andrew jackson


wilmont proviso

a bill that would ban slavery in the territories acquired after the Mexican war; did not pass
favored by Barn Burners


Hudson River school

many artists came to paint american landscapes there


seneca falls convention

called for womens rights


nulification crisis

protective tARIFF- tax that increased the price of foreign goods to encourage american goods
tariff of abominations was the name given to the tariff by Calhoun
Benefitted New England, but Calhoun and Jackson don't like each other so Calhoun quit and didn't want to pay tariff


worcester v. georgia

the cherokee nations sued the state of georgia


Stephen Austin

the first American to benefit from the Texas Revolution. he gained a huge land grant in Eastern Texas with right to settle 300 American families there


Santa Ana

seized control of Mexico's government making himself dictator


Ralph Waldo Emerson

transcendentalist who wrote essays and lectures


Frederick Douglass

a free black in the north who became an active abolitionist, traveling the region and used his skills as a speaker and writer to rallysupport for the anti-slavery cause


William LLoyd Garrison

published the Liberator
called for immediate emancipation. exposed the harsh realities of slavery. caused friction among abolitionist groups. slave owners thought it was from God. Gradual Shipped back to Sierra Lion.


Harriet Tubman

Underground Railroad. help runaways to canada where it was safe. "Moses for the slaves" sent messages through quilts


James K. Polk

11th president. Manifest Destiny president. His goals were to lower the tariff, set up a national treasury, acquire California and Texas, acquire all land south of line 54 40


Henry Clay

supported John Quincy Adams so when John Quincy Adams became president he appointed Clay as Secretary of State


P.T. Barnum

displayed "Odd" people/animals/things (Circus)


The Donner Party

took a shortcut and got stuck in Sierra Nevada mountains. Resorted to Cannibilism


Robert Fulton

invented the steam engine


Eli Whitney

invented the Cotton Gin


What was the stated purpose of Manifest Destiny from those that supported it?

see the creation of a vast republic that would spread the blessings of Democracy/freedom and civilization across the continent


Why did Jackson wish to shut down the Bank of the United States? what was the result of the Bank Closure?

Cay supported the bank so Jackson didnt. He put the nations money in 23 state banks which were loyal to the Democratic Party and jackson nicknamed them pet banks. they overspecular, over printed money, and depression hit


The slogan 'fifty-four forty or fight" is in reference to what territory?

all land south of 54 40. California and Texas


Who were leaders of the women's rights movement in the 1840s? what were some of the issues that feminists in the 1840s got involved in?

Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott
Suffrage. Healthcare issues


Why did the Lowell Mill girls go on strike?

the working conditions were dirty and dangerous and they had poor wages


What did the second great awakening emphasize about salvation?

the individual can be saved thru their own efforts and faith


How was the Nullification crisis solved?

Calhoun nullified the tariff of abominations and Jackson took it personally so Henry Clay proposed a tariff bill that lowered the cost over 10 years.


What id the Declaration of Sentiments call for?

men and women to be created equal


Which class tended to watch Minstrel shows? What were they?

Working class. They were racist skits, songs, and danced that depicted prejudices with men in blackface


Which event were the people known as "forty-niners" associated with?

gold seekers from all over the world who flaked to California to strike it rich


Spheres of influence

when a group of people expand in order to have more control


What were the terms of the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?

confirming American title to Texas and the Rio Grande River is its southern border
ceding California Territory and New Mexico territory to US which is present-day Calaifornia, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, most of Arizona, and parts of Colorado and Wyoming


What impact did Nat Turner's Rebellion have on white planatation owners in the South?

it made them fear slaves which had a lot of retaliation


What were the causes of increasingly tense relations between the Mexican government and American Residents in Texas after 1830?

American immigrants continually entered Mexico


Who was able to vote by the election of 1824?

all white men and they favored the common man


What region saw women get the right to vote first?

Western Frontier


Strikes were usually unsuccessful during the 1820s and 30s because factory owners would put in replacement workers from which immigrant group?



Andrew Jackson's remark: "John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it" refers to which event?

Indian Removal act (Trail of tears)


Why did the senate initially reject Texas Annexation

Texas was a large state so it would have more representatives and set off the balance of free vs. slave states


How did Southerners defend the use of slavery?

Ethically it's okay because they believe that they were superior


Who got the blame for the panic of 1837

Van Buren


What were the characteristics of reformers of the antebellum era?

Anti-slavery, prison reofrm, asylum reform, education reform, women's health, temperance, factory conditions. New England


Why was the Battle of the Alamo important?

a bunch of war heroes died


The corrupt bargain dealt with what situation? Who were the people involved?

The Election of 1824
Jackson, John Quincy Adams, and Henry Clay