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Abraham Lincoln

won the electoral college during the election of 1860


bleeding kansas

competition ensues between north and south to populate the kansas territory
john brown attacked a proslavery farm settlements killing 5 (God told him)
president pierce did nothing to address the violence
fighting even sparked in congress
(Sen. Sumner beaten over the head with a cane by a South Congress man Preston Brooks Country further split


compromise of 1850

proposed by henry clay
CA admitted as a free state and all territories gained in the Mexican Cession may use popular sovereignty
the fugitive slave act: harsher punishments for runaway slaves and those that helped them


Dred Scott Decision

Dred Scott was a slave from Missouri who had been taken to a free state where he lived for 2 years. Sued for his freedom because he lived in the North he was now free. Ruled against Scott because you are not free even if you live in a free state. He had no right to sue because he was propetry, not a person


Free-Soil Party

made up of North Democrats and Whigs. No more slavery in terriotires


Fugitive Slave Act

any captured "Slave" even if they were a freeman, were to be denied trail by jury. Those who attempted to help or hide a runaway were subject to heavy penalties


Harriet Beecher Stowe

wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin


Henry Clay

proposed the compromise of 1850


James Buchanan

needed to decide what to do about Kansas. Pushed Congress to accept the Lecompton Constitution


Jefferson Davis

ordered all blacks taken into battle to be sent back to the states


John Brown

attacked a proslavery farm. settlements killing 5


Kansas-Nebraska Act

proposed by Stephen Douglas. Nebraska Territory was split into 2 states. Settlers to use popular sovereignty to decide slave issue


popular sovereignty

concept proposed by Lewis Cass (whig) meant the slavery issue should be decided as territories became states



voted for Lincoln



grew due to growing ethnic tensions in the North. Hated Irish immigrants


Stephen Douglas

proposed Kansas-Nebraska Act


Uncle Tom's Cabin

written by Harriet Beecher Stowe. Showed harshness of slavery. South did not respond well


Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Douglas won seat but lost Democratic Party support especially in the south