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What is Neuro rehab?

evaluation and treatment of individuals with movement problems due to a disease or injury of the nervous system


What are goals of neuro rehab?

restore mobility and functional skills, promote recovery via neuroplastic changes, compensation or adaptation


What is a medical diagnosis?

based on pathology


What is a PT diagnosis?

encompasses a cluster of signs an symptoms , syndromes or categories

result of diagnostic process


What is an example of a body function or structure impairment?

decreases ankle ROM, mild cognitive defecits


What is activity in ICF?

limitations in task execution so balance defecits, trouble communicating


What is participation in ICF?

restrictions, unable to dance etc.


What is a direct impairment?

result of health condition


What is indirect impairment?

sequelae or complications


What is a composite impairment?

result of multiple underlying origins

ex: balance deficits


What type of reasoning does a novice pt use?

backward or hypo deductive

develop hypothesis and gather lots of info


What does expert PT do?

forward reasoning, higher efficiency


What are emergency signs and symptoms during an evaluation?

altered mental status (new onset), status epilepticus, acute infection with neuro signs, rapid onset of focal deficits, evidence of spinal column instability


What is non responsive autonomic dysreflexia?

spinal cord injury above T6, can't regulate autonomic system

rapid increase in BP, bradycardia, sweating


What are yellow flags during near eval?

progression of pre existing neuro conditions, evidence of new MN disease, new onset of involuntary movement, change in autonomic status, CN signs, headache that worsens over time, vertebral artery insufficiency