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What is the role of the council of the EU, and who is it made up of?

- leaders of each country, foreign and fincance ministers
- passes laws (usually legislation) together with parliament


What is the role of the European commission?

- Drafts legislation for council and parliament
- ensures member compliance
- drafts and adopts secondary legislation


What is the role of the EUropean Parliamtn and who is this made up of?

- democratically voted members
- passes laws, involved in legislation


What are the 3 ways laws may be implemented?

1. Regulations (binding and directly applicable laws - need not be approved by national parliamanets, no national laws needed. Passed by EU council and E parliament or E commission alone)
2. Directives (objectives to be achieved within a given time period, must be transposed into national legislation allowing for a margin of manoeuvre in how they are implemented. If failure to achieve goals, the Commission may refer the matter to a court of justice)
3. Decisions (fully binding on those to whom they are directed. Commission orders measures to be implemeneted in separate or individual cases. Currently the COUNCIL can adopt decisions addressed to the COMMISSION)


What are reserved powers?

- EU legislation overrides national laws EXCEPT where reserved powers for professional regulation eg. The Veterinary Surgeons Act


Whois in charge of exucation and enformecement of animla health and welfare legislateion?

DEFRA (central competent authority) operating through executive agencies eg. Animal Health formerly State Veterinary Services
+ local authorities eg. Food standards agencry


What are the 2 types of EU agency?

- regulatory (variety of specific roles, set out on own legal basis. Independent bodies with own legal personalities. Most finded by EU budget)
- executive (controlled and funded by EU)


What are the food hygiene regulations implemented in 2006 based on? Is there a similar consolidated set of regulations for animal halth and welfare?

EU food hygiene regulation
- currently none, European commission currently creating Animal Health Law to be enforced 2014


Which legislation are notifiable diseases enforced under?

Animal Health Act 1981
( list of diseases can be updated regularly)
Some specific EU directives for some notifiable diseases


What is use of veterinary medicines controlled by in the UK?

- Veterinary Medicines Directorate
- Veterinary Medicines Regulations


Why are private regulations important?

- ^ importance as surpass public production laws and reflect response to consumer demand
- eg. Dariry industry working with FSA to replace Animal Health inspections under EU food hygiene regulation with private standard regulations on farm accreditiation with "assured dairy farms"


What does EU law define farmers and slaughter house workers as?

food business operators


Give examples of information farmers must provide to the slaughter hosue

- origin of animals
- markings
- TB status of the holding for cattle
- drugs, dates, withdrawal peridos
- public health risk disease at place of origin
- any samples taken to identify pre-harvest risk to human health
- condition of animals
- movement restrictions
- analysis of samples