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What is the first action needed if animals are found dead without cause?

move animals off pasture
- look around environment, perimeter, ditches


What should be looked for when investigating sudden death?

- poisonous plants
- any changes, ditching, cutting of trees
- piles of hedge/plant cuttings
- burnt out cars and car batteries - Pb
- feed stores


Give 6 causes of sudden death

1. infectious (septacaemia/anaemia/toxaemia eg. clostridia)
2. toxicity (plant or chemical)
3. metabolic disease
4. nutritional
5. other eg. climate or trauma
6. ditching -> exposure of tubers


What are the main casues of infectious septicaemia or toxaemia? What may predispose to this?

- usually bacterial
- environmental or commensal
- predisposed by management factors
> good nutrition eg. clostridial diseases
> high stocking density eg. slamonellosis
> flooding eg. leptospirosis
- check vax protocols


Outline a common clostidial vacination protocol

Ewe: senstiser + booster 4-6weeks later
Young lamb: maternal AB -> 12 weeks until weaning
Weaned lambs: decided whether or not to vaccinate depending on length of time to slaughter
- need 2 doses 4-6 weeks apart for full protection


What are potential infectious causes of anaemia? How can diagnosis be made?

- parasites (acute fascioliasis, haemonchosis)
> history - parasite control
- pale MMs
- PME more useful than FEC or bloods


Give examples of toxic plants

Water Hemlock Dropwort (Dead mands fingers) - only tubers are toxic


Which minerals can be toxic if overdosed?

> selenium - very rapid death [check blood levels]
> copper [Cu levels/PME]


What is a common metabolic disturbance resulting in sudden death of cows?

- cold wet pasture, no meg supplement, potassium applied to pasture antagonises Mg uptake
- majority of metabolic disturbances would be noticed if inspected regularly (bloat, peracute mastitis, twin lamb disease)


What nutritional imblaances may cause sudden death?

- Thiamine B12 deficinecy
- Change in GIT function (acidosis, bloat, gut torsion)
- Deficiency of essential nutrients (intrisic due to change in microflora eg. CCN [mainly cattle, sometimes sheep] or extrinsic eg. water deprivation -> salt poisoning and brain oedema)


What climatic effects may cause sudden death?

Lightning (rare)
Hypothermia (common, esp young sheared sheep)


What must all cows found dead be tested for?

- do not cut open or move until anthrax smear performed on ear


What clinical disease does anthrax cause?

- overwhelming septicamia
- enlarged spleen


Are goat vax protocol the same as sheep?



How should treatment for staggers be given?

Sub cut NOT IV!
- Mg


How may CCN be diagnosed on PME?

Brain may fluroesce under UV light