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1. What is prophecy?

Prophecy is a direct message to humans through a prophet who serves as God's messenger.


2. List four genres used in the New Testament:

1. The Gospels
2. The book of Acts
3. Epistles
4. Apocalyptic


3. What did ancient historiography focus on?

Great characters that other people should aspire to be like.


4. How is Jesus portrayed in each Gospel?

A. Matthew: Jesus as righteous rabbi
B. Mark: Jesus as a man of action and power
C. Luke: Jesus as righteous prophet
D. John: Jesus as God


5. The goal of the book of Acts is not to provide what?

A thorough recounting of what happened to the early church; the goal is salvation not instruction.


6. What four basic questions should you ask yourself when reading an Epistle?

A. Who wrote the letter?
B. Who was the letter for?
C. Why was the letter written?
D. What topics does it address?


7. Apocalypse comes from a Greek word which mean what?



8. What is the apocalyptic genre?

A special form of prophecy that uses highly symbolic language to explain present and future events.