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1. List the six principals of interpretation that are unique to Apostolics:

A. Apostolic Authority
B. Old Testament foundation, New Testament fulfilment
C. Centrality of the one God in Jesus Christ
D. The importance of spiritual illumination & experience, both individual and corporate
E. Interpretation in light of the end of time
F. presumption of relevance and applicability


2. What is the starting point for an understanding of the New Testament?

The OT is the starting point for an understanding of the NT.


3. What scriptural passage warns us of the danger of human philosophy and tradition?

Colossians 2:8,9


4. What was a contributing factor to the formation of the doctrine of the trinity?

The Greek- trained philosophers could not imagine that Jesus Christ was the incarnation of the supreme God himself. Instead, they presented Jesus as a subordinate emanation from God that was capable of suffering. This supposed distinction in the Godhead set the stage for the eventual formation of the trinity.


5. Apostolic hermeneutics interpret the whole of scripture in light of what?

In light of the revelation of the One God in Christ Jesus.


6. What three things helped the early church reach its decision about requirements for Gentile believers?

A. Spiritual illumination
B. individual experience
C. Corporate experience


7. What did the NT writers warn would abound in the last days?

The NT writers gave warnings about guarding false doctrine that would abound in the Last days.


8. because of scripture's purpose to provide divine instruction, what should we assume?

We should assume that all scripture is beneficial and that most scripture is applicable to our lives today.


9. Biblical teachings on modesty and hair length supersede what?

Biblical teachings on modesty and hair length supersede culture.