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1. In what languages was the Bible originally written?

A. Hebrew, a language rich in picture and imagery
B. Aramaic, the language of the Syrians and was Semitic related to Hebrew.
C. Greek, specially Koine Greek, was the commerce language of the Roman impire


2. What was the commerce language of the Roman empire?

Greek, specially Koine Greek.


3. How were words written in the Bible originally?

Originally, the Bible was written without spaces between words, about no punctuation, and no paragraphs.


4. When were chapter and verse divisions developed?

a. OT: Ben Asher family about 900 A.D.
b. NT: The printer Robert Stephanus in 1551.


5. What is an autograph?

An autograph is a manuscript written in the author's own handwriting- in other words, the original handwriting copy.


6. Who were the Masoretes, and what was named after them?

The Masoretes were a specific group of Jewish rabbis from the Middle Ages and the masoretic text was named after them.


7. Name two other ancient witnesses of the OT:

a. The Samaritan Pentateuch
b. The Septuagint


8. Who were the Dead Sea scrolls produced by?

They were produced by a Jewish group called the Essenes.


9. Name three types of NT manuscripts:

a. Papyri- the oldest manuscript, made from papyrus- the oldest was written around 125 A.D.
b. Majuscules- parchment copies of the NT written entirely in capital letters. The oldest was written around 340 A.D.
c. Miniscules- later parchment copies of NT written in lower case or cursive letters.