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What does the ethnic principle recognise?

It recognises there are different ethnic groups addressed in scripture and that the commands and promises given to a specific group do not directly apply to other groups.


2. Who are the three major groups addressed in scripture?

A. The Jews (Nation of Israel)
B. The Gentiles (sometimes called "the heathen" or "the nations)
C. The Church (which has both Jews and Gentiles)


3. What is the main thrust of the "Spiritual Israel" doctrine?

The belief that the Church has replaced the nation of Israel, and that the nation of Israel Lo longer has a future with God.


4. When the Bible speaks of Israel and their covenant relationship with God, who is it not referring to?

It does not refer to every individual who is of Jewish ethnic descent.


5. What passage best explains the relationship between believing Jews and Gentiles?

Ephesians 2:11-19


6. To respect the integrity of scripture and identity the addressee, you should:

A. Know the context
B. Draw out a principle
C. Apply it to your situation


7. Which chapter in the Bible demonstrates that the apostles also had to take into account the ethnic division principle?

Acts 15