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What does the double reference principle deal with?

The unique literary aspect of scripture where an event or prophecy has a fulfilment in the Old Testament, but then later is applied to Jesus Christ or His Kingdom in the New Testament.


2. When should the double reference principle be used?

Only when the New Testament reveals that a passage is a double (or dual) reference.


3. What phrase might indicate that the NT authors were taking an example from the Old Testament and applying it in a new way to demonstrate a principle?

"It is written"


4. What is the Christo-centric principle?

The idea that the entire Bible (both Old and New Testament) centres on the ministry of Jesus Christ.


5. Give three scripture references that show that Jesus is the central focus of scripture

1. Luke 24:27
2. Luke 24:44
3. Colossians 1:18


6. When does the Christo-Centric principle?

Only when a passage speaks of Jesus characteristically, prophetically, historically, or doctrinally.


7. What is a comparative mention principle?

The idea that the meaning of a group of verses does not become clear until those verses are compared with another group of verses that deal with the same subject matter.


8. What idea did the biblical writers use to help their audiences understand their message?

Compare and contrast.