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What does good liberal arts learning empower individuals with?

Broad knowledge and skills and a strong sense of values, ethics, civic engagement and social responsibility


What happens when you undertake a liberal arts education?

You are more versed, enabling you to connect with society


What happens when you don't undertake a liberal arts education?

You won't be able to connect to society and you're unconsciously implying that you're selfish


What three things is faith comprised of?

Facts, assumptions, and beliefs


What happens when we apply these assumptions to our own lives?

They become our existential premises- what we believe about why we exist


What are the three existential questions?

How did I come into existence?
Why do I exist?
Where does my existence lead?


What is the consequence of responding to the three existential questions with an "I don't care" attitude?



What are the three characteristics of patterns?

Observable, measurable, and predictable


The greater the intention of the pattern, the greater the why...

The greater the likelihood of purpose


What is the principle of patterns?

The more info you have, the truer the return you will get


What can we observe and discern about when negative patterns occur in our life?

It's not likely a purpose for our life


What are foundational values?

A personal creed that attempts to explain the reality of the universe and their own existence


What are the two things faith relates to?

Patterns- derived from facts and assumptions about facts
Intention- relies on assumptions, intuition, and beliefs


In order to understand verb action faith, we can use what tools?

Science, philosophy, religion, classic literature, discussing with others, and pursuing spirituality


How is spiritual defined?

Pertaining to the aspect of human existence that is apart and distinguished from the physical nature


What is occurring and what concept is found in 1 Samuel 6:7?

Samuel anointing David, man looks at the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart


What book did Bloom write?

"Closing of the American Mind"


What did Bloom conclude in his book?

He had an inability to develop the minds of his students because they were so obsessed with their outer appearance that they were unable to develop their soul


What does an inability to think result in?

Lack of leadership


What is Insight 1?

Faith is at the heart of understanding


What verse ties along with Insight 1 and what does it say?

Hebrews 11:1-3, describes the role of faith when it comes to forming premises about our existence


What three important dimensions of faith does Hebrews 11:1-3 show?

1. Faith correlates to what we hope for
2. Faith correlates to our certainty about what has already happened
3. Faith is active in what we are trying to understand right now


What is Insight 2?

Believing is not necessarily seeing


What verse ties along with Insight 2 and what does it say?

2 Corinthians 5:7, we live by faith and not by sight


Why should we not base our beliefs off of what we take in through our senses?

Sometimes it is not interpreted in the same way by different people


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