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The life calling will explore in the book

Direction is right their in hands of humans if they can only learn how to recognize it and follow it


One major reason people are not able to recognize a purpose in their lives

Society has often pressured them to chase after jobs and money by pursuing a typical career development model. But the problem is that this model tends to put too much emphasis at the beginning on careers and income instead of focusing on a higher purpose- a life calling.


The kingdom of this world

1) characterized it as a kingdom where people strive to save their lives, but in the end they lose their lives
2) kingdom where the goal is to gain the whole world, but people in this kingdom of the world achieve that kind of success at the cost of forfeiting their souls


The kingdom of heaven

people are willing to lose their lives for his sake, but in the end they find life.
-people deny themselves and, instead, take up their cross and follow Jesus


Kingdom of the World's Typical Career Development Model:

1. You are encouraged to determine your interests and then follow an educational or training plan based on these interests.
2. You are then directed to find a career that goes along with your education or training, based on the potential that it will also give you success and security.
3. You are finally left to make some sense of meaning in your life from what you experience in your job–a struggle that is usually futile.


The problem with this

- The initial interests have often been aroused, for the most part, by the amount of pay, job availability, and job growth.
- Although these concerns have some value, if you look at them closely, they very easily lead to a self-centered approach.
- These self-centered, quick-fix approaches are not from the kingdom of heaven and never bring long-lasting meaning, significance, and hope


Kingdom of Heaven's Life Calling Model:

1. The focus will not be on striving to better yourself, but, in contrast, it focuses on what God is doing and what you can do to join him in his efforts- that all people know Him and that we may serve Him in seeing that all people know Him.
2. Once this purpose has been discovered or recognized, then you can decide on a career that will help fulfill this purpose.
3. Finally, a decision on an educational or training plan that will help you prepare for that career can be effectively determined.
- You realize that your Life Calling is to experience all of life, not just a job; that is where you will begin to find long-lasting meaning, significance, and hope


saw the burning bush



put out a fleece—two actually



heard a still, small voice



instructed Balaam

A donkey


A redirected Jonah



The prophets, like saw explicit visions

Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel,


being able to choose the right way out of all the options



Major theme/purpose throughout the book:

Living your life with a sense of purpose


Major goal of the book:

To help prepare each of us to make that discovery of a Life Calling
- To accomplish this, will look at concepts, lives of other people, and Scriptural insights


Conceptual Model:
- Three main components—

Foundational Values, Unique Design, and Personal Mission.
- Each has three distinct elements


The study of human characteristics and dynamics and how this can help us understand what kind of person we are

Scientific Theories-


- The study of ultimate meaning in the human experience and how this can help us understand the deeper meaning of our life

Philosophical Theories


The study of how to create effective plans for our life and how this can provide us with a road map to follow as we pursue our Life Calling

Strategic Theories-


Three groups of people we should observe from and follow:

Family , modelers, mentors


These assessments emphasize the measurement of strengths rather than highlighting weaknesses



These assessments explore personalities by primarily examining attitudes, preferences, emotions, and predispositions



Reflection accomplishes several things:

1. Helps us remember what we have learned

2. Helps us put what we have learned in perspective

3. Reflection can inspire us with a sense of God’s power to help us live out what we have learned.


The author noticed two things

1) People have a strong desire for meaning , significance , and hope in their lives - no mater how rich or how poor their circumstances are.
2) In spite of their desires, most people end up living without any compelling feelings of that meaning, significance , or hope