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___________ used an appeal to the ___________ of ___________ and ______________ language to state that all human beings are a part of an evolving universe

Sagan, emotion of wonder, assumptive


Science- what is __________?



___________ used an appeal to the ___________ of ___________ and _____________ language to state that not people who are honest will see that the inverse was created

Tacket, emotion of wonder, assumptive


The Oxford Dictionary defined __________ as the systematic study of ___________ and behavior of the physical and natural world through ______________ and _______________

Science, structure, observation, experiment


Differences in attempting to understand the world through science and philosophy found in __________ painting



Used philosophy to understand the world through the study of the realm of the universals



Used science to understand the world through the study of the realm of the particulars



Ignoring that the world was Created is the response of man's ___________ _____________

Sinful nature


What does Psalm 53 state?

"The fool says in his heart there is no God."


What does Romans 1 state?

"Man chose created things rather than the Creator."


What is the Great Cosmic question?

Where did the cosmos come from?


Where did the cosmos come from?

Option 1- There was a beginning
• Therefore, there was a transcendent Creator
Option 2- They have always existed
• Therefore, it created itself


Through scientific study, the Cosmos can...

• Reveal that there is a transcendent Creator
• Reveal that it created itself


Scientific Process will reveal scientific _________

Truths (eg. The law of gravity)


What is a hypothesis?

an early assumption based upon basic observed data


What is a theory?

observations that have confirmed the original assumption


The ________ in reality will always match the __________ claim.

Data, truth


What is a law?

the observation will always produce the same result


__________ argument for design: No one would look at a watch and say that it could be made by anything other than its ____________

Paley's, designer


___________ answer in the __________ _______________
• Even though the watch has the appearance that is designed on purpose, it actually has only __________ over time

Dawkins', blind watchmaker, evolved


Testing __________ ___________ statement: "Evolution is a fact amply demonstrated by the __________ record and contemporary ________________ ______________"

Carl Sagan, fossil, molecular biology


Is there evidence in _____________ of morphological changes to show ____________ _________?

Fossils, missing links


______________ stated that there was an estimated 50,000 changes needed to change from a sea creature to a land creature. The fossil record shows ________ of those changes.

Berlinski, two


_________ theory of ______________ ________________ states that there were immediate changes in species, that is why there isn't evidence of missing link.

Gould's, punctuated equilibrium


___________ theory of __________ _____________ states that the first living cell was placed on earth by __________.

Crick's, directed panspermia, aliens


Contemporary _______________ _____________ shows that the _______, once view as a glob of plasma, is actually filled with exquisite machinery, that if even one part is missing the ________ cannot exist.

Molecular biology, cells, cell


The video Unlocking the Mysteries of Life, it gave the example of the possibility of creating the complexity of the code of a _________ as being less likely than dropping ___________ ________ on a table and coming up with two lines of _________________.

DNA, scrabble tiles, Shakespeare


How long did it take in the evolutionary process for the _________-____________ system to work properly?

Blood clotting


____________ ________ quoted Darwin himself in the book "Darwin's __________ _______" to question the validity of evolution.

Michael Behe, Black Box


Darwin said "If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by ____________, _____________, __________ _____________ my theory would absolutely break down."

Numerous, successive, slight modications


__________ believed that "one day the Darwinian myth will be ranked as the greatest _________ in the history of __________"

Loutrip, deceit, science


Outdated icons of evolution also show that the theory is not holding true:

• Hoxley's ultimate icon of the process of an ape becoming man
• Heckel's embryos proved to be fake
• Homology in vertebrae limbs is used only because they look alike, there's no scientific evidence
• The peppered moths were actually tacked to trees, not an evolved form
• There is no evidence for Darwin's tree of life
• Darwin's finches do not show evolution, but actually on oscillation within the same species depending on the amount of rainfall


Ultimately, this is a ___________ battle, because _____________ destroys any foundation for a standard of __________ or ____________.

Worldview, evolution, ethics, morality