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The Team Management Leader

Achieves high production through the effective use of participation and involvement of the people and their ideas


What are the four requirements needed to put together a winning team

Understand yourself, Understand the people that are working on your team, Understand the job to be performed and understand the organization that the team is working for or where the work is taking place at


True or false. Team Leaders don't have to be perfect or experts in their field.



True or false. Leaders do not have to have the knowledge and ability to communicate



What are two major team building pitfalls?

Hiring like yourself and Trying to hire the "Dream Team"


What five things must team leaders do to be effective?

Participative, Self-Confident, Flexible, Open Minded and Cooperative with subordinates


What is delegation?

The sharing of authority and responsibility between two or more people.


When does delegation take place?

Whenever another person assumes responsibility for tasks assigned to an individual at a higher level


When shouldn't you delegate?

- In obvious supervisory to subordinate responsibilities
Counseling, Disciplinary actions, Evaluations
- An assignment delegated to you by a supervisor
- Tasks that involve confidential information
- Tasks that involve great risk where failure is not an option
- Tasks that your organization or supervisor expect you to do yourself


What is reverse delegation

When a supervisor accepts responsibility for a task that belongs to a subordinate